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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by okiest fan, May 20, 2014.

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    I have been asked to smoke (2) 10-12 lb briskets for a gathering in  a couple of weeks. I've always had pretty decent luck smoking a single brisket in my WSM but have never attempted 2 at the same time. I usually allow 55 minutes per pound with a 2 hr rest time at the end for a single, what should I allow for cook times on 2? Any advice and tips are appreciated! Thanks!
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    From what I've been told, WSM's are pretty even on heating when using both shelves, so, not too much will change.  One thing to note is that having twice as much cold meat will require more fuel in the beginning to keep the WSM at your desired temp.     I'd load a little more charcoal overall and start with a little more lit as well.
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    Thanks for the advice Demo!
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    Your WSM will run fine. I have had (4) 10-12 lb. pork butts and (3) 12-14 lb. briskets on my 22.5" WSM all at the same time - in December!

    The only real difference is it takes a bit longer to come up to temp after you put all the meat in the smoker. Since it is going to be a long smoke fill your charcoal ring as high as you can go and make sure your smoker is not exposed to any wind if possible. Wind will really kill your charcoal consumption, that is why I use the welding blanket you see in my pictures. With that blanket I can run my WSM at 250° in windy, 35° weather, with only one vent open for up to 18+ hrs. on one load of charcoal.
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    Wow! 70+ lbs of meat. That's pretty impressive!
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      I love a full Smoker for a good days cooking. [​IMG]

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