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  1. I got a great buy on a few hams a while back. They were .59 per pound so I bought all 3. This one is 11.98 pounds. I got the MES40 going at 230 degrees. The ham I started with.

    Trimmed the fat and the rind.

    Poked holes in a pie pan for the fat.

    The fat in the pan which will be placed on the rack above the ham. This will bast the ham as it smokes.

    Into the MES with the fat above it.After 30 minutes the AMNPS loaded with half Pitmasters dust and half hickory pellets was added lit on both ends. This was 3 hours in when the ham was probed.

    140 degrees and ready to remove.

    Time to rest.

    The rendered fat is spent. I bet it will make good dog chews.

    Then after a little rest it is back into the project fridge for a 24 hour rest before having a date with the slicer.
    Total smoke time was 7 hours.
    Happy smoken.
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  2. Hey David, Nice job,  It is going to be great I was gunna do mine like that with the fat above but I didn't have head room (Had to take out my top rack so I took tooth picks and stuck the fat back on the ham.  Next time I'll do you like you did.  I smoked a turkey with the ham is why I had to remove the top rack.   Anyway     [​IMG]


  3. Thanks for the kind words and the point.

    Happy smoken.

  4. bearcarver

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    Great looking Ham, David !![​IMG]---------------[​IMG]

    Nothing like a Double Smoked Ham!!----Cheap & Awesome!!![​IMG]

    You like my fat in the pan with holes idea, huh???[​IMG]

    It's like an Automatic Basting Machine!![​IMG]

    I like to gnaw of the spent pieces too.[​IMG]

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    Looks tasty David, nice smoke!!!!
  6. Thanks for the kind words and the point. I'm still saving up for a ............

    Yup the fat in the pan idea came from your step-by-step. I use to put it on top of a Qmatz to drip down which worked fine. ether way it makes for a nice basted ham. 

    Yup I beat the dogs to a few pieces.

    Happy smoken.

  7. Thanks Case I just sliced it and it is pretty tasty!

    Happy smoken.

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    SmokingAl came up with laying the fat trimmings on the rack above. Then I tried it, and as the pieces shrunk, they fell through, so I came up with the Pan with holes in---Works Great !!

  9. I started using a bread cooling rack the when I got my Qmatz i used them. Then a while back i saw your pan and it works great. I have used it a few times.
    happy smoken.

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