Mule's Butt in the MES 40 with AMNPS

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  1. OK friends here is what I am doing. My friend is having a cook for a few people at work. He had already halled his stick burner to work. He then realized that would not give him time to cook a butt. Instead of changing the menu or going to get his trailer I said I would get it going for him. So yesterday I got the MES 40 up to temp. Put some pellets in the microwave to dry. I then rubbed my butt's [​IMG]. (hey it is my meat while it is here. I can rub it if I want to).

    At 11:00 am it went into the MES at 240° I got the AMNPS going real good and put it into the MES. At 5:00 pm I tuned the MES down to 220° to slow it down. The it was 147° and he wasn't going to pick it up untill 5:45 am. Knowing this was going to be a long all night smoke I grabbed a few [​IMG]  and kicked back to watch some MMA on TV. I know if I had been using a stick burner I could be watching the[​IMG]  and drinking a [​IMG]. But I had to just go with what I was using. For all of you that say it is not real BBQ with a electric smoker I have just one thing to say. MY [​IMG]  TASTE JUST AS GOOD WITH ELECTRIC AS IT WOULD WITH STICKS! I then went to get some sleep before he got here at 5:45 am. Since it didn't matter if it was done when he got here I left the temp at 220°. When he got here to pick it up the IT was 169° [​IMG]. he grabbed it and off to work he went. Now is where my story ends. He will put it on the stick burner to finish it up. Here are some pics. I can't tell you how tender it is. I did get a small taste and it had good flavor.

    2 butts from Sam's

    18.71 LB total. The big one was just under 10LBs

    The small one rubbed.

    The big one rubbed

    Starting to take on some smoke.

    At 6 hours of smoke.

    5:30 am and the IT is 169° My job is done [​IMG]

    The little one.

    You can see the small taste I got from the bottom left corner.

    And that my friends Is all I know about it. My friend was smiling from ear to ear when he picked it up. I hope everyone has a great day.

    Happy smoken.

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    Looks tasty.
  3. I sure did want to run it threw my new chopper. Oh well. I did think of you when I took pic # 5. I had to open the door.

    Happy smoken.

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    Thanks man.    I am better now.
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    What is AMNPS?

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