Mother's Day Scratch Ham (Q-View)

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  1. I have the bacon down pat I believe because I gave out some samples to people at work and they now want to buy it from me.  I'm just gonna take that as a compliment.  But... On to the next one.  So it begins.... 

    My wife and I are having both sides of the family over for Mother's Day so I thought... I could go buy a ham, but where's the fun in that.  After very little deliberation and a resonable sale at the local big box store, I am the proud owner of 4 Picnics (One of which has already seen the smoker for pulled pork.)

    Let the games begin...

    1) Trimming the picnic

    2) All trimmed up... mouth is now watering.

    3) Cold Brine Injection... tips from the forum otherwise I would not have injected.

    4) Submerged... now I have a waterfall in my mouth.  The brine is the same as I used for my hot smoked bacon.

    5) In the fridge for an 18 day rest.  Notice the pickled beets and onions that I did last weekend.  Can't wait to dig into those...

    6) Now... what do do with this fine specimen... =)

    Pics will continue the weekend of Mother's Day....
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    Lookin' good so far....[​IMG]

  3. woodcutter

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    Its going be great! I have 2 butts that can finally be pulled out of Pop's brine this weekend.
  4. kathrynn

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    [​IMG] Since Red brought the popcorn...I have the drinks!  Waiting with yall!

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    Looks good! Our local restaraunt wholesaler has had picnics, two per pack for $1.29/lb. I keep thinking I should pick up a pack.... Cant wait to see how your turn out.
  6. Update... The Mom's have left the house and I think they had a great day.  I'm a happy pit-man because they requested the same ham for Thanksgiving this year. [​IMG]

    The day before, I pulled the ham out of the brine for a rest and got the GOSMS going. 

    I did a little fry test and the ham was a little salty.  Made a note of that for next time, but I was interested to see how the smoke would change the flavor.

    Smoked with Michigan Cherry at 250 Degrees until 155 degrees.  A Quick peek mid-smoke....

    On Mothers Day, I fired up the Weber for a re-heat and glaze because the oven was full of other goodies.

    LeeAnn made some rolls from scratch that I couldn't keep my hands off of.  I see a ham sandwich in my future this week for lunch with one of those rolls.

    The finished product with glaze.  I used a Dark Brown sugar, Cherry Juice and Lime Soda glaze.

    The glaze added a very nice sweetness to the bark.

    Another pic....

    Was a little nervous about the first time homemade ham, so I had pork tenderloin as back up.  Pork-a-palooza if you will...

    The ham was good, but I'd cut back on the salt a little next time. 

    LeeAnn and I did a little twist on the classic deviled eggs and these went quicker than the ham...

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