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    So for a small gathering I decided to really push my little MES to the limit before my shiny new cookshack arrives on tuesday

    First was brisket.  I foiled the flat this time after about 8 hrs, was better, but I need to find that choice brisket again and see if the first one was a fluke.  These Selects are way too lean.

    Here is the point Whole and cubed ready to go back in


    Finally the flat, and the flat carved.  I'm really glad I saved the drippings.


    After the beef was done, I realized the pork butts were being very stubborn and slow.  Here is the MES after the beef was dealt with, and the ATB's went in.  Two pork butts were just laughing at me.


    Think I now understand the allure of the ATB's


    and finally a shot of the not-quite-done pork

  2. Push those ABT's a little closer to my screen.  Outstanding.
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    Great job!

    It looks like a perfect meal!

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