Morrocan Chicken

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    I bought a book about spices and decided to try the herb blend for Morrocan Chicken.  Didn't know if I would like the dried mint in it but with the hot chilis peppers it tasted great. First felt the heat of peppers and the cool flavor of the mint.   Sliced up the chicken and put it on flat bread and then top with a yogurt dressing and then diced tomatoes.  I made the yogurt dressing out of yogurt, same herb blend that I used  on the chicken. and some coursely grated cucumber and sliced green onions salt and pepper.  WOW It was so good!



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    This sounds great, care to share the recipe, would love to put it on the to do list?
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    Looks great Ivie...JJ
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    One tablespoon of each:

    ground coriander

    ground cumin

    dried mint

    dried cilantro

    2 tablespoons dried garlic

    2 tablespoons of dried red chilis

    Reserve 1 tablespoon of dry seasonings for yogurt dressing

    salt and pepper to taste

    1/2 cup of olive oil

    1 cup yogurt

    1 tablespoons of the above seasoning or more depending on your tastes

    1/4 cup of grated or finely chopped cucumber

    3 tablespoons of chopped green onion.

    add salt and pepper to taste.

    I liked this recipe so much that next time I make it I am going to make a large batch of it.

     Most people associate cumin with Mexican dishes but it is used widely through out the middle east.   I decided to loook into Middle Eastern cooking because much of their food is cooked over a fire or smoked.  I wanted something new was tired of the same old, same old.
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  5. smokin vegas

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    Thanks it is really good, a nice change BBQ rub and sauce.
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    Man that looks really good!!
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    Theres a lot of great Moroccan food with really clever use of spices. You are 100% on the $ about the grilling over charcoal deal. I do a chermoula wet rub(with a couple of variations),a hot cilantro based spice paste called zhug that has cardoman ,cumin & carraway,a couple of dry mix things baharat,tabil as well. If you want anything let me know.I have the same book as africanmeat Spice notes by Ian Hemphill.
  8. That looks GOOD! Thanks for the recipe!

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