Moroccan Chicken Sausage

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  1. In my search for chicken sausages that actually taste good, i've found this little gem. It's Poli's recipe with my tweaks....

    1622gm Skinless Chicken Thighs

    580gm Bacon Ends

    340gm Dried Apricots

    1 Onion

    150gm Almonds

    50ml Maple Syrup

    40gm Minced Garlic

    26gm Kosher Salt

    4gm Fresh Cilantro

    4gm Fresh Parsley

    2gm Tumeric

    2gm Ginger Paste

    2gm Cinnamon

    2gm Black Pepper

    40gm Non Fat Dairy Powder

    Put everything except the spices through the grinder with a fine plate.  Add spices and NFD and bind. Stuff into sheep casings.

    Very tastey sausage. The Apricot and Almond make it. Texturally, i would recommend hand dicing the apricot and almond..i was too lazy. That makes two chicken sausages I like now!
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    Nice looking chicken sausage... The only thing I see wrong is you didnt make enough.........
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    Sounds like a good combo of flavors. Thanks for sharing...JJ
  4. Thanks guys. ..maybe some harissa paste would liven these up a little. Unfortunately, wife and children dont share my passion for heat. I'll make a split batch next time and dose it with some harissa and report back.
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     Make some Harissa to your families taste...JJ

    Smokey Mild Harissa

    1ea Roasted Red Peppers. See below.

    4ea Dried Ancho Chiles*

    2ea Dried Guajillo Chiles*

    2ea Heads Garlic, Roasted

    1T Smoked Paprika

    1T Tomato Paste

    1T Lemon Juice

    1tsp Lemon Zest

    1tsp Coriander Seed

    1tsp Caraway Seed

    1tsp Cumin Seed

    1tsp Sugar

    1tsp Kosher Salt

    1/2tsp Black Pepper

    1/4C Olive Oil, or as needed

    Optional: A Handful Cilantro Leaves and/or Mint Leaves. Substitute 1T minced Preserved Lemon for the Lemon Juice, Zest and Salt

    Heat an Oven to 400°F. Cut a bit of the top of the Garlic heads off to expose the cloves.

    Place the Garlic heads on 12" of Foil, drizzle with Olive Oil, seal up the foil and roast the Garlic 30 minutes or until soft.

    Soak the Chiles in 2C Boiling Water for 30 minutes. When soft remove the stems and seed.

    Place the Red Pepper over the flame of a stove. Burn the skin until very black on all sides.

    Place in a plastic bag, seal and let cool. Wipe the burnt skin off and remove seeds, rinse if desired.

    Place the Spice Seeds in a small pan and Toast over Med/High heat until fragrant.

    Dump the seeds in a cheapo Coffee Grinder and grind into a powder.

    Place all the ingredients but the Olive Oil in a Food Processor.

    Puree the ingredient, stopping to scrape the bowl down a few times.

    When well pureed, Drizzle the Olive Oil in while the processor is running. Process, adding Oil, to desired thickness.

    If too thick, you can add the Chile soaking liquid as needed.

    Adjust Seasoning. Place the Harissa in a jar and cover with a thin layer of Olive Oil.

    Cover and refrigerate. Will keep about 6 weeks if you keep the Harissa covered in Oil.

    Makes about 1 Cup.

    Note* The Chiles are available in some Grocery Stores, at Mexican Grocers or Online. Leftover Dry Chiles keep a year or more and are used in many Mexican dishes and in Chili con Carne.
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  6. Thanks Jimmy J, Looks like a great recipe..will definitely give it a go. The last harissa I made for merguez sausages was nowhere near as complex in the flavor dept...but it sure was hot!
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    The nice thing about this Harissa is, the Mrs' can have it mild and you can add your fav Hot Fresh or Dry Chiles...JJ
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    Very nice !!!!1

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