More shortys with thighs on the side...w/Q-view

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  1. decided to throw down with a couple short ribs that were on sale, and a few thighs...nuthin real special about the seasonings, just some old head country champion rub...pretty good stuff, i believe ive said that before. anyways onto some view...what do you say??..enjoi!!

    silver skins removed and ready for seasoning....

    couple shots to give yall an idea of just what im dealing with here...butcher wasnt shy...skimped on some as seen in the picture before these..but he threw in some like THIS!! YAYY!!

    all in together the cherry pellets going off to the side....temps running at 255* while they go on.

    starting to do their thing...yessss...yessss...very nice..

    first off..lemme apologize for not getting any more pics..haha. i went from middle of the cook to this glorious sliced final pic...i hope that makes up for it a little. :)

    Bonus Q-view: our breakfast next day....this is how i do the thing in my house...hope yall enjoy!

    what leftovers there were all chopped up and into a recap..chopped up beef shortys with chicken thighs in my breakfast cranking up the heat to let the remaining fat render down to get these bad boys doing their thing...again..

    eggs were cookin..

    final product...almost done....wait almost done??..??..yes almost!...


    put it all into a warm tortilla(store bought torts,wife was asleep so no freshys)..BREAKFAST TACO ENGAGE!!!

    thanks for looking yall. hope yall enjoyed this little adventure as much as i have.......... til the next post...[​IMG]
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    Man!  That looks so good!!  Thanks for sharing the pics!![​IMG]
  3. kathrynn

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    [​IMG] looks wonderful to me!  Thanks for sharing!


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