Montreal Smoked Meat

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  1. Ive been curing a 6 lb brisket as per the other thread on montreal smoked meat . 

    its been 10 days and i am going to cut the curing time down by one day as i have plans on thursday.

    I will be soaking for 3 hours tonight and rubbing it to put in smoker tomorrow morning.  i like my montreal meat served cold sliced thin so i plan on cooking to IT 195 then wrapping, cooling then resting in fridge overnight.  then onto my neighbours meat slicer.

  2.   out of the curing bag after 10 days

      into cold water for 3 hours changing every 1/2 hr

      after soaking

      rubbed with pepper and coriander and into fridge ready for smoker in the morning

    i did notice some of the corners of the meat were very hard.  before i put in the smoker these parts had softened a little.  a little concerned.

  3. a nice snowy morning. 35F.  got meat on at 9:30.  cooking at 200-225 keeping it on the lower side.  smoke: Maple.  probe in after 4 hours.    IT 152F.  Put in shallow pan and foiled at IT 165F, this was 6 hours in.  IT 195F in about 9 hours. pretty fast. removed from pan into foil.  poured pan juices over meat then poured most of it out of the foil as i dont want i to be soggy. wrapped tight and its sitting cooling on counter.  into fridge till tomorrow afternoon when my generous neighbour's meat slicer goes to work.

     man its hard to wrap this without tasting.  the juices tasted quite salty hopefully meat not that salty.

    back tomorrow with pic of the sliced Montreal Smoked Meat!
  4. Count me in!
  5. here it is:

    the taste was awesome but too salty.  certain sections not as salty as others but overall too salty for my taste.  still ate it constantly while slicing.

    the fattier parts of the brisket were the saltiest. the colour was perfect.  will definitely try again.  not sure if i should use less salt as that may effect curing or rinse longer with more frequent water changes.

    i like the flavour better than pastrami.  just a different blend of spices.  my wife hates cloves but loved this. 

    until next try.....
  6. nice looking marbling in your meat. if you find find it to salty reduce your salt or soak in water longer.

                                                                                                                                                                           Michel,    good luck
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    That looks great very nice job
  8. jspence

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    I started mine today, I had a heck of a time finding a brisket. 
  9. sometimes not so easy around here unless you want to pay premium.  my butcher is 5.99/lb.  pretty expensive.  always amazing though .  Carl's Choice Meats in burford
  10. dougmays

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    Man that looks good!! [​IMG]
  11. here in Canada we pay about 4.00/lbs.
  12. i am in canada.  carls is a lot more than most commercial butchers.  the marbling in their brisket is amazing compared to most ive seen.

    that's why the reverse meat auction they have is so great.  awesome deals
  13. jspence

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    Apparently we're deep in pork season.  They said they will have more brisket again in the new year.  I was disappointed in the quality usually it is much better.  fortunately it was cheap @ $6.69/KG
  14. highland?
  15. jspence

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    Yep Highland.  It was a zoo at the back counter people were getting anywhere from 80-200 lbs of pork
  16. thats kinda weird, never new there was a pork season.

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