Monday Ribeye's(W/Qview)

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by jmo bbq, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. jmo bbq

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    Just thought I would share with my fellow brethren the ribeye's I grilled up from Sam's tonight. These were USDA Choice Black Angus. I'm gonna say probably 11/2 inch thick. Man were these beautiful and full of beef flavor.


    Some shrooms and onions frying away in some butter and EVOO and some fresh minced garlic!

    Little red taters all boiled up, and waiting to be drained.

    Asparagus marinated in EVOO and fresh garlic awaiting a hot grate.

    Made from scratch(except the crust)Homemade Chess Pie. Made this the night before so it could sit in the fridge and be nice and cold for dessert tonight. YUM!

    Getting some nice grill marks and picking up some of the natural smoke from the coals.

    The stars of the show!!! Through a few chunks of oak in 15 min before these went on!

    Ice cold glass of sweet tea to wash it down. Wreck Em Tech!!! Guns Up Raiders!!! Lol.


    Remember those taters from earlier? Here they are roughly smashed with garlic, cheese, and butter. Delicious!

    And of course the Money Shot!

    Someone hoping for a scrap!

    Chess Pie!!!
  2. seenred

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    Mmm...very nice!  That all looks mighty delicious, JMO!  Nicely done!  [​IMG]


  3. jaxrmrjmr

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    Ab-so-freaking-lutely beautiful!!!!!  I love a grilled rib-eye!  It's my favorite.  That is just so good looking.  It's what my oldest son asks for each time he comes home.  He asks for a full pound plus steak cooked over real charcoal.  He's in the US Army - currently stationed at FOB Fenty in Afghanistan.  Send a prayer his way if you have time.  Last I heard, he was going to be gunner on a Buffalo - then I heard they may not be manning a Buffalo, but some other piece of equipment.  I just pray that he is praying.  He says he just takes it, "one mission at a time".

    That is the cut of rib that I look for.... a heavy lip with that run of meat that surrounds the "eye".  I always forget whether it is towards the loin section or the chuck section.  I do know that it is hard to find three of them in a pack together.  I grew up calling them a Delmonico, rather than a ribeye. but I guess things change.
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  4. chestnutbloom

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    I must agree that meal was a thing of beauty! Mouthwatering deliciousness....thanks for a great Q-view!    [​IMG]
  5. Looks like a great meal. Grilled asparagus is one of my favourites.
  6. foamheart

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    Looks awfully good. Great job!

    I have spent many a happy night in the Red Raider Club which I am sure is long gone by now...........

    Great looking meal.
  7. knifebld

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    Wow, from a huge meat and potatoes guy, you rocked it! Well done!
  8. jmo bbq

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    Thanks a lot fellas


    Jax, prayers are coming your sons way. I fully support our troops and the commitment they make everyday for us. GOD bless him! Also I believe it leans more toward the loin section than the chuck. But I could be wrong. Maybe someone with more knowledge of the animal will get on and explain it better for both of us. All I know for sure is that its some good eatin! I too have seen in the stores steaks being sold under the name Delmonico, but I always believed Delmonico to be more of a preparation than an actual cut. I remember reading somewhere that they are both cut from the same muscle, just at different ends. At least I think that is what I remember.

    Thanks Chestnut. I felt I could not keep it all to myself.[​IMG]

    Thanks V8 but I have to tell you I absolutely hate Asparagus. Well I hate it crunchy(I believe its called al dente or something like that). Ill eat it out of the can just fine because its mushy. I know I am weird but this so happens to be true with all vegetables for me. Its a textural thing I've been told, but I think its just me. A perfect example would be "I can eat a bag of potato chips just fine, and their crunchy", so I don't know.

    Thank you very much Foamheart! Its great to know another fellow red raider on here. Awesome!!! I think you will be excited to hear that the Red Raider Club is still around and better than ever. I am currently a member, and just this Saturday we had a wedding reception in the Suites above the Jones!! I will attach some pictures of it. Do you live in Lubbock? I have season tickets(4 years now)2nd row up from the bottom at the home tunnel.


    Wedding Party on the field



  9. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I had season tickets back in the early 80's when they couldn't buy a game. I had moved from Baton Rouge and some friends though if I would get involved with tech it would help with my culture shock.....LOL The Red Raider Club I was referring to was a high end bar with an a joining hotel right off the loop somewhere... I fell in love with Texas women. Did a couple of High School regionals there in the Mid-80's, yes was one of those Mojo supporters of which we all heard about.

    I knew Spike back when he was at Midland. He told one of the best jokes I ever heard at a boosters dinner about his Mom, Dad, and a new elevator in the hotel at Portales, NM.

    Now ya got it, I was just a typical oilfield peddler!

    There was back then a Grill, not really BBQ, it was outside of town a ways and it had the best steaks ever cooked. It was really out, if you didn't know where it was, you'd never have found it. Looked more like a Texas themed house with a huge room with all glass windows where we seemed to start. There was a huse grill inside.  I wish I could explain better cause I'd sure like to remember that name.

    The picture of the players relevant? I was sure impressed last year.

    BTW I appreciate a good coach and team, but <whispers> I kinda root for the hometown boys most of the time.
  10. jmo bbq

    jmo bbq Smoke Blower

    I dont remember back then but Im sure my father probably does . He believes the red raider club in which you refer to was out by the traffic circle by slaton highway. He too had been there many of times. Now to refer to the steak house way out of town, the only one that comes to mind would be Acuff steakhouse. I know it has been there for years and still runs to this day. Friday is all you can eat chicken fried steak and catfish. Man...I need to go back out there again. I have posted some pics. Let me know if this is what you remember. May have changed since you last ate there.




  11. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    If he got a grin when you asked him, its probably the same. LOL.......

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