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Discussion in 'Food Safety' started by muley05, May 28, 2010.

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    Originally Posted by Love2"Q"  

    bbally ... when the epa or the IICRC signs off on bleach to kill mold i will start using it ...

    Well I guess you can start using bleach now???  Here is the EPA endorsement of the CDC mold recommendation.

    Here is the link from the EPA site:

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    It will kill it if there's no grease or other particles, but why would you want to use bleach when vinegar does a better job and is much safer. I would not use bleach but that's my opinion.
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    What a fun post!

    Dang, use that thing more often!
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    when this happened to mine, i simply took a scraper, scraped the inside fairly clean and got rid of the mold by  trying to feed it to a wild cat that will not leave my house alone (did not work)  then i got that smoker as hot as i could.

    i am allergic to mold and did not want to take any chances.  i will get blisters all over my lips and nose, its gross.

    i had it good and hot for over 2 hours let it cool to my smoking temp and did not have a problem, and the porkloin and smoked meatloaf turned out well
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  6. What do you do for mold in an electric smoker?
  7. joe black

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    Carhoplady, I'm sorry' but I can't pass this up! If you have mold in an electric smoker, take it to the dump and get a stick burner. I'll probably regret saying that, but it just came out. Good luck, Joe.
  8. brazosbrian

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    Agree with the chlorine treatment ...really, it's the only commonly available and reasonably safe way to kill mold and mildew.  I'll add a little more though:

    1. Chlorine kills stuff and most other stuff just washes it off.  I'd wash and then treat with chlorine (and stronger than 10% is OK, just don't use straight.)

    2. Ammonia lifts proteins and is a good way to remove the protein stuff that remains (BTW - best way I've found to remove bugs off of your car is to use a 40% ammonia/water mix and wash down all the bug collecting surfaces ...twice, letting it soak in.  Wash car as normal with suds and the bugs come right off.)

    3. Detergent lifts grease - Laundry detergent is the best for this.  Doesn't take much.

    I'd wash with soap and water, wash with detergent water, wash with ammonia water, then finish with chlorine treatment.  That'll lift the physical mold, the grease, the proteins, then kill whatever remains.  Follow with a hot fire and you're good.  Man ...this is way too anal. :)

  9. czechboy95

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    After each use I clean my MES with white vinegar and water(50/50 mix-kills Bacteria) or use it full strength if you want.then I leave the door open atleast a couple inches if not all the way open to allow air to get inside.I was told to do this from a Long Time Smoker who also owns a MES, to keep any mold from forming.
  10. brazosbrian

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    Probably the washing itself is what's preventing mold, that and a possibly dry environment.  Mold grows best in a slightly acidic environment, e.g. a pH of 5-7 or so.  That's why most foods will grow mold... most are slightly acidic.  Vinegar can encourage mold growth.  Washing with something slightly alkaline ....say, a mixture of water with some baking soda in it ...would be a better mold preventative.

  11. cliffcarter

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    Turn the unit on, put the heat to maximum and cook that mold for 30-45 minutes. Then wipe out the pit with a clean towel.

    Mold needs moisture to remain active, if you take away the moisture mold becomes inactive.

    FWIW bleach does not kill mold, Simple Green will, however.

    IMHO cider vinegar will give the mold more sugars to feed upon and grow, the best way to get rid of it in a pit is heat, works every time.
  12. brazosbrian

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    Wow ...I just researched it and found out that I am wrong ...chlorine indeed does not kill mold.  It's an urban myth.  There ARE products out there that do though, e.g. the 'Moldex' brand products.  Chlorine is not EPA-registered as an agent that kills mold.  Oh well ...I sit humbly corrected, but glad to know the truth.

    And HEAT is an effective method of killing mold.  From what I read online, you only have to heat to above 140 F to kill mold, and all BBQs get hotter than that.

    Sounds like the simplest mold fix is to just a) physically wash it off (soap and water), then b) fire up the BBQ good an hot, and call it good.

    OK ...mouth shut, ears open :)

  13. greywolf1

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    I went on holidays and my son used my MES but didn't clean it ( party time ) . I sprayed the inside with oven cleaner , left it for half an hour, hosed it out , wiped around the element did a burn at 250 for an hour and a half, let it cool , wiped the inside down and re-seasoned it. , Did two racks of Texas rids and a batch of wings that same day that came out fantastic .
  14. I run an RF, here is what I do after and before every smoke.

    When I am through smoking and food is off, I'll throw another split on the fire, open my vents wide open

    'and let the temp climb.

    Open the cook chamber door and take the water hose and spray out the inside, Using the finer spray.

    I make sure the grates get special attention. The water causes steam and really does a good job.

    Then close the door, the temp will climb and I just let it go till the wood has burned up.

    When I start my next smoke I take my wire brush, go over the grates and then wipe them down with a wet rag.

    I open all the dampers, get my fire going using my weed burner and go over the cooking grates

    and inside the Cooking chamber. This does a couple of things helps get all the metal up to temp quicker and

    kills and burns up anything I might have missed when I sprayed it out.

    I know a lot of people say Never spray out a smoker, you will loose and wash away all your seasoning.

    NOT TRUE, I have been doing this forever, you can go out there right now open my door and it smells


    I like clean !!!   I do realize you cant take a water hose to electrics, but you can clean them. I also have

    an ECB, take the grates out, clean them, take a wire brush to the inside wash it out lit it dry before putting

    it back together and away.

  15. inkjunkie

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    If an Egg gets any mold in it the only thing you need to do is run the temperature up for an hour or so....
  16. You would be best to clean after it cools down, If you don't get the mold and it get into what you are cooking can cause serious problems. That's my advise.
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    as a power washing guy who cleans houses all the time bleach will 100 % kill mold it is one of the best things to use to kill it and the best thing to use is liquid pool chlorine it is 12% 12% soldium hypochlorite that is 2x as strong as household bleach they are one in the same
  18. gditys

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    it kills it dead my friend
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    Well, I guess to each their own method and opinions aye
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    Just a reminder. Remember to clean all brushes and any other items used to clean  with so as not to contaminate your cooker next time you clean.

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