Molasses Beer

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  1. Hey guys I been brewing one of my favorite beers for along time now.

    12 lb molasses

    5 gallon distilled water

    2 tbsp fermax

    2 tums

    1 oz turbo yeast culture i started a decade ago.

    This will bring me an SG of 1.08

    Generally I ferment with nothing but cheese cloth at 70 f for 4 weeks until it hits an SG of 1.0 or .99 Really 1.01 is my best ferment.

    Then I pasteurize.

    I prefer to re-carbonate as I drink it with forced carbonation with a coke.
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    Sounds interesting but my Accountant [​IMG]  has put a hold on all funds. No new toys or projects for awhile...JJ

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