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Discussion in 'Pork' started by cthomp, Sep 15, 2011.

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    How well do store bought mojo marinades work on pork butts?  I've got a bottle I was going to use for chicken but I'm thinking a pork butt now.  Maybe marinate over night, give it a rub a few hours before smoking then smoke at 200 for about 6 hours, then throw it in the oven until compeletion. 

    Does alot of the flavor make it into the meat?  Usually pork is like like a sponge  It soaks up flavors really well. 

    Any suggestions?

  2. How big is the butt? 6 hours at 200 seems pretty low and not long enough. Most folks cook them at 225-235 for about 1 1/2 hours per pound. Sometimes longer if you get a long stall.
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    Should have mentioned i'd be throwing it in the oven at 200 until done.  Cooking temps are variable.  I'm more concerned about the marinade.  I was thinking becuase of a brisket I did on Sunday at 200.  Just the first number that popped in my head. 

    Is there a good rub recipe to use with the mojo marinade?
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        Cthomp,why not start out with a few spice flavors YOU like? Do a cook and see if you need anything more...a lot of good rubs come from playing with them.

        What Spices ,you ask?  These are suggestions,not a recipe:


    Chile powders(not the ready made stuff,too much salt)a pure ground NewMex. Chile is good



    Br.Sugar(in small amts.)

    Onion powder

    Garlic powder

     and so on,OR an off the shelf rub like is sold on this forum or something like Emeril's stuff.

          The guys here have some great Rubs,and at ghreat prices.   

    (commission please guys)LOL[​IMG]  

    have fun and............
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    I think Stan is right on the money.

    Experiment with what you like.

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