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  1. missed-em

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    Opened my MES today, hadn't used it for a month, and there was moisture inside.  I assume it is just condensation.  The exhaust was open and the smoker was inside an unheated shed.  If I leave the wood chip tray out will this provide enough circulation to prevent this in the future?
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    Missed-Em, afternoon...... probably not.... What is happening is physics.... during the night the smoker gets cold... moisture condenses on everything when it gets cold..... in the morning when it warms up, the humidity rises and finds a colder than everything else surface to condense on.... inside the shed stays cold... inside the insulated smoker stays colder.....   through the process of equilibration, the moisture in the air keeps traveling toward the cold surface.... Whew !!! That was a mouthful...... Opening the door of the smoker will help... It should warm faster and reduce the condensation and also let it evaporate faster....

    There is one more alternative..... a light bulb, or use it every day... that will work.....  

    Good luck trying to beat mother nature..... If you win, be sure to take q-views... Dave
  3. missed-em

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    Dave = thanks, failed physics in college, oops that was chemistry, oh well---

    Like the idea of smoking every day but can't aford the meat!!  And beef is going up.  Just have to hope it warms up soon, oh yeh, I live in S. Illinois!
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    Dorchester is not far from Virden where I live...

    Although Both of my 40" Mes are in a heated building I do the following occasionally:

    Leave the top vent closed and the chip loader all the way in when doing this.

    Set the timer for 30 minutes and set the temp to 250 degrees. and let it run.

    This will dry out any moisture which has accumulated on the inside.

    Do not open the top vent or chip loader when it has shut off.

    Do not peek inside when you are done as this will introduce more moisture.

    Later you can peek and see how often this needs done.

     I am about your age as your bio indicates.   Nice to have all the time required to enjoy the hobby isn't  it!

    Do not leave anything inside that you have stored there!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. missed-em

    missed-em Smoke Blower

    Thanks guys, couple of things to try, and yeh, got the time, just don't seem to get as much done these days.

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