Moinks,ABT's , Armadillo Eggs

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  1.  Gather together some ingredients, mix ground beef and ground pork. Season with some Mad hunky rub, Italian seasoning, garlic, salt and pepper. and smoking/MoinksABTsArmadilloeggs001-1.jpg

    remove seeds from Japs and smoking/MoinksABTsArmadilloeggs002.jpg

    fill with cream cheese and half with cheese and terriaki stix, and wrap in bacon and smoking/MoinksABTsArmadilloeggs003.jpg

    mould meat mixture around the cheese filled japs, and shape like eggs and smoking/MoinksABTsArmadilloeggs005.jpg

    place a chunk of jalapeno colby inside meat and shape into a ball and smoking/MoinksABTsArmadilloeggs006.jpg and smoking/MoinksABTsArmadilloeggs007.jpg

    wrap moink balls in bacon and smoking/MoinksABTsArmadilloeggs009.jpg


    cut up some taters into wedges,  deep fry and season with some Mad hunky for Chunky Hunky Fries

    enjoy with a brew or two and smoking/MoinksABTsArmadilloeggs010.jpg
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  2. bmudd14474

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    Looks great
  3. smokey mo

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    I have got to try these moink things.  they look pretty good.
  4. mballi3011

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    Your abts and moink balls all look great. 
  5. porked

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    It all looks good, thanks for sharing.

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