Mods to accomodate AMNPS in new smoker

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mrcjh98, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. So I just assembled a new Charbroil 30" vertical electric smoker (  As this smoker has no air vents (save a 1/4" diameter exhaust hole at the back of the top of the unit) and a fairly snug door, I'm sure I'll need to modify it to provide enough airflow for the AMNPS.  First of all, does anyone have any experience with this unit??

    One concern of mine is the heating element.  At 1500 watts, it seems very overpowered compared to other units, but as it can be turned down, and I plan to get an Auber PID controller, that's not too much of a concern.  The element does take up the entire bottom of the unit such that there isn't a relatively cool place at the bottom for the AMNPS.  I was thinking about cutting a piece of porcelain tile to fit in the bottom shelf rack to sit the AMNPS on.

    With regard to the airflow issue, should i cut the box to install a circular damper at the top and bottom of the unit??  I was also considering cutting a 1.5" hole in the side of the box and making up an intake manifold out of copper to sit the AMNPS on. 

    Any thoughts/feedback would be much appreciated....

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    cjh, morning and welcome to the forum....  Using a step drill, I would drill 2 ea 5/8" holes near the bottom of the smoker where air could get to the AMNPS.....  I would also drill 4 ea 3/4" holes near the top of the smoker on the sides..... That would provide adequate air flow for smoke and moisture removal....  The AMNPS doesn't "need" a tile to sit on....   Dave

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