Mods see thread for Tailgate, Picnics etc

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by supervman, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. supervman

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  2. richtee

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    Hmm I'm confused? Not that that's difficult..but...what's the beef?
  3. supervman

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    Well, I think there should be an area dedicated for this.
    That's all.

    Idea sharin for cookin places not at your home.

    Not a beef.

    I just thought my "idea" may have been posted in the wrong area so I "re" did it as there have been several posts related to this subject recently.
  4. jbchoice1

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    I bumped it back up
  5. bbq bubba

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  6. billyj571

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    The link just takes you back to home page ?????????????
  7. sqwib

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    Old Post last post was 10/08/08

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