Modifying a recipe for smoking?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by bulldogg, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. I got this andouille recipe from one of the recipe links

    6-lbs ground pork
    3-1/3-tbsp finely minced garlic
    2-tbsp salt
    1-tsp freshly ground black pepper
    1-tsp cayenne
    1-tsp chili powder
    1/8-tsp mace
    1/8-tsp allspice
    1/2-tsp dried thyme
    1-tbsp paprika
    1/4-tsp ground bay leaf
    1/4-tsp sage
    3-tbsp liquid smoke
    1-cup cold red wine

    But I would like to smoke it rather than have it fresh. So first I assume the liquid smoke can be dropped from the mix. Then for the cure, I have tenderquick, would I just add the 1tbs per lb of TQ as the package says, or do I need to cut out that 2tbs of salt in the recipe to make sure I’m not over salting? Thanks guys.
  2. alblancher

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    You could use Cure1 which doesn't have as much salt.

    If you are going to cook the sausage in the smoker  get IT to 135 in 4 hours you don't need anytype of cure.
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  4. Ah thank you, I actually got my recipe from that thread, the 3rd link down (since I’m new I cant say links in my posts or else they don’t get posted). As for Cure #1 I would use it but I haven’t found it locally and cant justify paying the shipping on it yet. So if I understand correctly, all I need to do is make sure I reach 135 within 4 hours and I’m safe, and then go further to 160 to be finished? What temp should my smoker be running at to reach 135 on time and then 160? Thanks again guys
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    IMHO I don't like the recipe your using. Never heard of sage in andouille..... Sage will overpower the rest of the spices plus that's way too many spices in there...I don't understand what this person was trying to accomplish.... I am surprised the kitchen sink isn't in there......Just my two cents the site for andouille and see what you can come up with..I found a few recipes in just a few minutes

    Good luck and happy smoking

  6. alblancher

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    This Andouillie recipe is from John Folse,  a very highly respected Cajun Chef.  I would consider this recipe pretty much an example of true Cajun Andouillie

    5 lbs pork butt

    1/2 lb pork fat

    1/2 cup minced garlic

    1/4 c cracked black peppercorns

    2 T cayenne peppeer

    2 T salt

    6 ft middle casing

    Grind butt and fat through 1/4 inch plate or cut into 1/4 inch cubes 

    combine ground meat and seasonings

    stuff into casing in 1ft length

    smoke at 175 - 200 degrees for 4 - 5 hours.

    Very simple recipe, smoked in hot smoke.  I am sure there are many other recipes that we all enjoy but I believe this one to be pretty authentic
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    Have to side with Joe and search more here.

    Andouille dont use sage, it can be very strong and over take the other ingredients.

    1 tsp cayenne for 6 lbs?  Is this wimpy Andoullie...LOL

    Mace? More for like dogs and bologna.

    Another 2 cent worth

  8. if you are planning  to smoke this product so that you have a finished sausage like Kelibassa  then you would need to cure it, I am not familiar with TQ, so I don't know about what to do about the salt in the recipe, what you could do is leave out the 2TBS of salt and fry a little bit and taste it b4 you stuff it, if it is not salty enough you can add it then.

    but if  was your plan is  to smoke/cook it and eat it right away like you would Italian hot sauasage or fresh Brats, then you don't need to cure it as long as you get to 135 degrees within 4 hrs, and for that I would think setting your smoker on 180 to 190 as a guess might  get you there fast enough, but if I was doing it I would just set it up on 250 get the smoke going and then put in the sausage and take it out when the internal hit 160 the faster you hit the 160 the less it will dry out your sausage
  9. venture

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    If using TQ in sausage it is 1 1/2 tsp per LB. Recipe will need to be modified because of the added salt in the cure.

    For intact muscle meat it is 1 TBS per LB.

    As noted earlier, neither is required for hot smoking.  Only for cold smoking.

    Good luck and good smoking.

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