modifications I have made to my smoker and results

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  1. I got MasterBuilt Model 2051311 for Christmas 2015

    Smoked some Ribs The Tuesday after Christmas and they turned out ok

    with a lot of babysitting the smoker hard to keep under 300.

    Now for some background.

    I run my Propane from a 100 gal tank regulated to 11" of mercury at the tank through the house for the stove and stub out to the back behind the patio for the BBQ and now also for the Smoker. I have run my Weber 6 burner SS BBQ for 11 years without a regulator with no problems.

    Now for the mods I have done.

    1. added a adjustable regulator. helped a lot with burner control. but adjustments here don't seem to do much. temp was still hard to control under 220.

    2. added a needle valve. also received my Maverick Model ET-733.

    3. mentioned to my wife that I wanted to get a 8" cast iron frying pan for a chip tray.

     She said she had bought a cast iron fajita pan she had bought on the net and didn't think it would work for us. I took a look and its about 7.5" by 9" oblong long story short hay it  fits and it works. 

    Did some testing over two days with no meat.

    with two 2" chunks of mesquite on the cast iron fajita pan on the burner ring / chip holder rest.

    Day 1

    I was able to get my temps at the upper grate with the ET0733 down to 130 but got it to hold at 150 no problem. could not get much smoke if any. I have a smoke generator in mind for this problem when I am doing jerky using lower temps. checked door thermometer and it was reading 5-10 degrees low. 

    Day 2

    I was able to get my temps up to 200-230 with no problem by adjusting the needle valve and vent position. could smell the smoke but could not see any visible smoke coming out of the vents. two 2" size chunks of the mesquite lasted at least 4 hours. maybe Ill just have to add a few more chunks to get more smoke. checked door thermometer and it was still 5-10 degrees low.


    1. must have a BBQ regulator of some kind.

    2. digital thermometer is a must, the door thermometer is trash.

    3. the needle valve if you plan on doing any thing under 220 degrees.

    4. cast Iron chip tray for wood chips/chunks. the original chip tray had holes that allowed the burner flame to reach the wood making it burn not smolder.

    Thanks to everyone on this forum that has done these mods and reported the results on other smokers.

    now I can get to smoking with confidence .

  2. smokinal

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    Good luck! Looks like you have it pretty much figured out. I have a Smoke Vault & when running it a low temps I use wood chips, at the higher temps I use chunks.
  3. SmokenAl

    That makes since ill give it a try.


  4. here is a pic of my smoker with the mods I have made so far.
  5. guys 

     I think I'm going to have to add some sheet metal to the legs for wind blocks. it gets pretty windy here.

    today its gusting to 25-30 mph. we say it either blows from the north (in the winter) or the south (in the summer).

  6. lamar

    lamar Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Here is how I made my wind shield on the legs. Put them on both sides and back. Very simple to do.

    good luck on yours.

  7. Lamar


    I'm using plywood now propped up with bricks. I think Ill do something a little more permanent like you did.

    did you use sheet metal screws or pop rivets I cant tell from the pic.

  8. lamar

    lamar Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Self tapping metal screws. Simple enough.

  9. I keep self drilling/self tapping sheet metal screws on hand.

    all I have to get is some sheetmetal

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  10. lamar

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    It don't have to be thick metal........aluminum flashing will do well.
  11. Lamar

    I didn't think of flashing. thanks for the tip.

  12. daveomak

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    11" of Mercury ??   I think you mean 11" of water....    

    Flame from the burner will consume smoke...  That could be your problem of little smoke...
  13. Dave

    I think you are correct. getting my weather station terminology and propane terminology mixed up sorry [​IMG]

    thanks for the correction.  


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