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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by ribwizzard, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Starting this Saturday on new model mini out of 12 inch pipe. I have enough for two, so will be building them in pairs.

    Will be more of a traditional reverse flow design than my last mini, these will be for re-sale.( I have had so many people wanting to buy #20)

    I also need to keep the weight down on these, I cant hardly even pick up #20.   No 1/4" plate will go into this one, Im going with 3/16" pipe and 1/8" internals.
  2. daveomak

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       ...........[​IMG]...........    RW, do you ever sit down and ponder ????  Other than the next build I meant to say.....   
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    A matched set of dueling smokers!!! I see a showdown coming!

  4. Well Dave, I keep my mind on things like this and it keeps me out of trouble.  Between new smoker designs and Duck boat layouts, Im also checking into Bow fishing and gator hunting....
  5. daveomak

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    What ????  you aren't into hunting pythons yet ???  Gator smoked and made into sausage would be good.... 
  6. Funny, was just talking to someone about that.   But no, Id rather stay inside the boat.
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    Had me some alligator sausage on a breakfast plate with grits and eggs in Nawlins years back. Was a big fat link like a brat. Delish and now that I'm starting down the sausage making trail it's on my list. Tail can be ordered on-line..whoo whoo
  8. I was just thinking it would be cool to have a jacket like Crocodile Dundee had.......

  9. Well, the pipe I planned on using was a little more beat up than I reallized, ...

    So my well thought out plans for twin model number21's are on hold right now.

    I was able to cut out enough good material to build one smoker, so just Im just having fun throwing one together 'free hand" , well see how it turns out. Should have some pics later if I dont decide to throw it all in the scrap bin.
  10. Ribwizzard,  I was looking at some builds tonight and saw one that peaked my interest under "other builds". It was a smoker made out of a beer keg.  Wondered if that might not work for your small build.  They are made of stainless, are 15.5 gallons size, would be light, should be readily available if you can make the right conection, etc.  Just a thought.  Happy building. 

    Weedeater (Joe)
  11. Here's what I threw together saturday morning, just free hand built it with out once picking up a tape measure or anything,  I was digusted with the damaged pipe and not being able to build what I designed, but looking at it again Sunday, ....I dont think it turned out too bad. I just wont put much into this one, use just scap and wood handles and such, make a present out of it when done.

  12. I was surprised at how much faster a build can be when your not dealing with the issues a propane tank has.  And the doors did not spring one bit, they still lign up perfect.

  13. hambone1950

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    You are a talented fabricator , mr wizard. How much meat do you think that will hold? At least one rack of ribs?:grilling_smilie:
  14. Thanks Hambone....

    Its 12inch pipe, probably should hold two racks with a rib rack, maybe three.St Lois cut .....Should hold two chickens or two butts easy
  15. turn4fun

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    Looks good Wiz!  I think most people would be surprised what you can actually fit in a 12" pipe.  When I built Lil' Piggy I was a little concerned about about not having enough clearance for bigger items.  That fear was unfounded as I soon found that I am able to fit any of the things that I typically smoke inside with ease.  Piggy's smoke chamber is 41" long but only 12" in diameter.  I set her grates 1" below center to give extra clearance.  I have fit 10 lbs butts and 12 lbs turkeys in without touching the sides or top. 
  16. I was thinking this would be good size for a turkey smoker. The 3/16 wall feels real sturdy with out being too heavy. It should hold the heat in well.

    It will probably be saturday before I get back on this one, but hope to finish it up and have it ready for paint by sat afternoon.
  17. jarjarchef

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    #21 is looking good....

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