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    I am brand new to smoking and have just purchased a Masterbuilt #20070512. I do not know how old it is, but it was unused and in the original packaging. I assembled it yesterday, and I have a question, where does the water bowl go? Does it slide into the flange under the drip deflector? If so, wouldn't the drippings get into the water. And, there is no mention in the user manual as to how much water to use or when to use it. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Welcome to SMF the water pan goes under the drip is best to not use water in it. Cover the drip tray with foil and the water pan can be filled with sand and covered also.

    When you have time stop by roll call and introduce yourself, update your profile as to where you live.
  3. I have the same smoker. I've never used the water pan. I covered it in foil and left it be. As tropics mentioned, some people fill it with sand before covering it with foil. This creates a heat sink and helps stabilize the internal temperature when the door is opened and closed. I typically open the smoker once in a 12 - 15 hour smoke (brisket or pulled pork), so I don't worry about it.

    You'll probably want to get remote thermometers. Many people like the Maverick ET-732. Being a nerd, I went with the iGrill dual probe. When you get it, check how close your MES controller gets to set point. If it's reasonably close you can probably ignore the difference. I chose not to.

    Eventually you may want to look into a pellet smoker. I have both the AMNPS and the 18" tube smoker from Todd. I start my long smokes around mid-night, and these products let me go back to sleep knowing the smoke will be rolling for 6+ hours.

    Happy Smoking!

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