Mod advice on brink man king deluxe

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by garvin90, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Looking for some advice on modding my brink man king deluxe. I bought this about a month ago used and well seasoned and it smokes so much better than my weber!

    I want to keep this one around for awhile until I can build my own rear box smoker so what mods should I think about performing? I've been reading a lot about stove rope to seal it up. The local menards sells this in a kit with high temp silicone. Is anyone A. Familiar with this product and is it safe for food and B. What areas other than the door and side box should be sealed?

    I don't use the water pot in the smoker. My meat always comes out juicy and I do know that water has a tendency to lower your temps due to evap. Is there any cast iron pots of a similar size to fit this area? I want to use it for cooking beans so the fat can drip in and give it flavor.

    Since I don't use the water pot really, would anyone recommend using it as a sand bed or fire bricks instead?

    Here's a sample of what this thing has cooked in one month...



    I smoke almost every weekend so this has been a huge improvement over my little (compared to this) weber 22.5 grill.

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  2. I too have a brinkman and have had good luck going to a local store here which sell green egg units. The felt for those worked great for me. Just make sure the metal is really clean. You can find this stuff in a kit form on eBay. Good luck

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