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    Hi everyone. I am making myself a app to access the forum easier when I am mobile. I use a Window Phone 7 and making what I think a great "small" foot print launcher app. I would like to know what everyone thinks. I have a few pics for the emulator below. I do not have the the know how to create one for Iphone or Android sorry. Remember the app is still in the first stage and will be cleaned up and refined. If you have any suggestions or comments please let me know. 

    I will make the app free when done.

    ***** Mods is this is not the place to post sorry, also if you do not want me to share it or take it live when it is finished please let me know. 



    Here is the home screen icon.


    There is the menu icon.


    There is the "app" so far it is a quick launcher for the SMF Home screen and each section of the forum. 

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    I don't have a Smart Phone, but your APP looks beneficial for those that do...JJ
  3. I am all for it and I'm sure it will get many hits! I haven't done the tapatalk thing yet, but I would LOVE to have an app! I hope the administrators of this awesome site agree!
  4. And I would even be willing to pay for it!
  5. So what's the status on this app? Can I use it for Droid? Eagerly awaiting more news on this...

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