Mmmm... Tri Tip!

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  1. Possibly the best grilled tri tip I've done. Rubbed with Worcestershire, salt, pepper, garlic and cayenne. Cooked indirect to ~115 IT, then reverse-sear to ~135 IT. Rested 30 minutes, then sliced. Served alongside hatch chile mac & cheese from Whole Foods.

    Came out great. Great beef flavor, still juicy, and as tender as you can expect for a tri tip that doesn't go into the sous vide. Having done several each way now, I think I prefer grilled to sous vide...

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    That's a great looking tip! I wanted one of those but the one at the butcher shop didn't look up to par:(.
  3. Yeah, I think part of the success was due to the quality of the meat well above and beyond my cooking ability!

    I was going to go to our local specialty butcher, but they just put a Fresh Market in about a mile from the house and my wife was raving about their meat counter. After I saw this tri tip sitting in the case they had to call someone out from the back to mop up the drool I left on their floor! [​IMG]

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