Missouri Tartan Day Celebration

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mr mac, Apr 10, 2010.

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    Missouri Tartan Day, actually a three day event, starts today and we decided to kick it off with some ribs and ABTs! I mean really, what better way to start any weekend than with a smoke? Tomorrow we’ll be heading out and starting the day with a parade (I won’t point me out but will let you find me representing my clan and, yes, I'll be wearing my kilt) and be out there all day so this was the day to do the smoke thing.

    As usual, my youngest was my helper today and he was on camera duties for the most part. He did miss out on the part where I brought the ribs home, but, hey, we’ve all seen ribs in the cryopack, yes? Yes.

    So, we’ll start with the ribs already prepped (to include removal of the membrane and anything else not suitable for human consumption as well as that wee bit ‘o brisket hanging on the StL style ribs.

    Rubbing the mustard…

    …And then rubbed and standing in the racks ready to hit the Masterbuilt gasser set at 225º with a couple of charcoal lumps and some mesquite already in the wood tray.

    We also prepped some jalapenos stuffed with some cream cheese, Swiss and Jarlsberg cheeses and wrapped with Smithfield’s maple bacon.

    We also reused Jacob’s idea of using the beer can chicken stands to hold the ABTs whilst they smoked.

    After the first two hours I opened things up to refill the water bowl and spray the ribs down with some Cranberry/raspberry juice.

    Two hours in…

    Three hours and ready to come out and get foiled with more cranberry/raspberry and honey…

    Two hours of foiling and then one final hour to firm up and the ribs are ready for a rest.

    Two hours of smoke on the ABTs.

    Grace was a constant companion to me as I checked on things so we gave her a share of the brisket pieces mixed with the Gravy Train.

    Ready to rock with my two favorite sides; ABTs and a napkin (or, as in this case, a washcloth!).

    Thanks for looking and I’ll post pictures of Missouri Tartan Day tomorrow evening if you’d like.

  2. rdknb

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    that look so good. Lucy is my doggie helper lol
  3. scpatterson

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    WOW...Beautiful color on those!!!!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]
  4. mballi3011

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    Now those are some mighty fine looking ribs and the Abt's aren't bad either. So how did they taste with all that cranberry on and around them???Man you know how to spoil a dog too.[​IMG]
  5. mr mac

    mr mac Smoking Fanatic

    We tried the cranberry/apple first on a pork loin we did a few weeks back and loved it so this time I thought why not mix it up and try something other than apple? Worked like a charm! The two flavors are a very subtle side note to the wood and pork flavors but mixes in nicely!

    As for Grace, well, she's been spoiled from day one just because she's such a good dog![​IMG]
  6. mr mac

    mr mac Smoking Fanatic

    There I am!
  7. dutch

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    I was going to ask "Where's yer kilt"? Then I saw your pics. So which Laddie are ye with the bonnie legs and the knobby knees?[​IMG]

    A number of us Utah Kilted Rabble had a Kilt Night on April 6th

    And for those that want the english translation of your Gailic quote:
    Go mbeannaí an Tiarna thú agus go gcumhdaí sé thú;
    Go dtaitní gnúis an Tiarna ort agus go raibh sé caoin leat;
    Go nochta an Tiarna a ghnúis duit agus go dtuga sé síocháin duit.Numbers 6:24-26
    May the Lord bless you and keep/protect you,
    May the Lord reveal His face unto you and have mercy.
    May the Lord turn His Face unto and give you peace.
  8. caveman

    caveman Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    And I say, [​IMG]for that smoke. Very good looking.

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