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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Here it is in all its glory. My 20lb Christmas turkey. We had it on Sunday the 18th.  I brined it in 6qts vegetable broth and 6qts water mix, I put in 1-1/2 cup of salt, Same amt of sugar. It sat in the brine for a little more than 20 hours. I used a concocted rub from the cupboard with 1/3 cup McCormick chicken rub as a starter. I added 1 tbls each of  rosemary, tyme, sage, some poultry seasoning she got at work and some black sea salt. I smoked it on a mix of apple and hickory wood. In the water pan I used apple juice and liquid hickory smoke. I used another concoction of apple juice and spices as a baste with a little olive oil mixed in an attempt to crisp the skin. I smoked it at 250 degrees and started it at 2:30 AM. At 7:30 I checked it and gave it a mopping with my oil and apple juice mix and closed the door and watched til I got back to the 250. At around 8:45 I went into fill my coffee cup and when I came back out at  9:20 the thing was smoking away at 300 degrees and my thermometer said my internal temp was 173, Whoops! I took it to the house and let it rest for an hour or so then put it in the oven to keep it warm and by the 12:30 planned meal started right on time. I was concerned about it being dried out but it was good. In fact just about perfect. I have to say however, that  bird had a lot of fat on him but still lots of meat. Im having turkey for dinner today. The wife saw it when I brought it in and commented that it looked like it should be a magazine cover of a food magazine. I accused her of only being nice because of the season but she insisted it looked good. It was as good tasting as she said it looked.
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    That is a beautiful looking turkey!

    Great job!
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    now that is a bird of beauty and it sounds like you did a great job.
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    Looks great!

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    I love me some turkey!![​IMG]
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    OK, that's great.  Now can I pick your brain (don't mean to highjack your thread) ?

    got two 13 pounders in the freezer, how much time in the fridge to thaw?  anyone

    gonna give this a whirl.
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    Great job Pellet

    That's perfect color [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Hey Wolf.............

    Here's a good chart for thawing

    Turkey WeightAprroximate Thawing Time
    Aprroximate Thawing Time
    Cold Water
    4 - 12 lbs.1 - 3 days2 - 6 hours
    12 - 16 lbs.3 - 4 days6 - 8 hours
    16 - 20 lbs.4 - 5 days8 - 10 hours
    20 - 24 lbs.5 - 6 days10 - 12 hours
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    Dm, better get it in the fridge.  Thanks
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    If you get behind, you can throw it in some cold water for 3-4 hours, then back in the fridge.

    That will help speed up the thawing.
  11. That 20 lb big guy was purchased on Tuesday, Dec. 13 and I had it in the fridge til about 1:30 AM Saturday morning. Thats when it went into the brine. It did feel froze in the breast area on Friday morning so I took it out of the fridge for about 3 hrs and rplaced it in the fridge til time to brine. it was thawed perfect.  To be honest, it was guess and by golly for me also but it turned out okay. 
  12. I deleted your multiple posts [​IMG]

    Great job Pellet [​IMG]
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