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    All around mini smoke, using the Mini-WSM, with a mini-batch of mini-wings. I've been messing around using different setups with the mini. I have come to the conclusion that I have a bad bag of Briquettes. I have used them for my last two smokes and no matter what I do I cannot get the mini to go above 275* I have never had this problem before. I even went back to my normal setup and still couldn't get above 275* [​IMG] So for my next smoke I am going to keep everything like I always do and use a new bag of briquettes.

    So for this smoke I did a small batch of wings. Not injected, just rubbed with chipotle, garlic, salt, pepper. The skin didn't crisp up as I wasn't able to get the temp up. Still taste good, limp skin and all. Outside it was 55* and no wind.

    I messed with the double setup for a while. Could only get up to 180* so I bagged that and went with a single pot setup.

    Flipped the wings over half way through

    Dad was in charge of dinner the boys were in charge of dessert

    Krabby Patty - From Spongebob's Kitchen Mission Cookbook

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    Awwwww.....what Cuties!  Tell the Boys I like crabby patties...and Patrick is my fav from Sponge Bob!

    Wings look awesome!

    Kat [​IMG]
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    Thanks Kat! The youngest got the Spongebob cookbook as a reward for doing his chores. Amazingly enough the recipes a pretty healthy and don't taste half bad!
  4. The boys are so cute and cooking makes them even cuter!! Oh wow those crabby patties look wonderful!!! Wings looks awesome.
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    Hey those are some tasty lookin' wings, DS!  And your assistant chefs look like great help in the kitchen!!   [​IMG]

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    Its awesome having the lil' ones around to help out [​IMG]   I had the same exact problem with my CG the other day, just wouldnt get up over 200.....looks like you managed just fine!!  Those wings look pretty tasty over here, and I'm gonna have to look the Spongebob Cookbook up, my two boys would be in love with it!
  7. dirtsailor2003

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    I was quite surprised by the cookbook. We've made a couple dinner items and they aren't all the bad! The boys really like it.

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