Mini Fattie(s) for Pot_Luck Sunday's?

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by knightsilver, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Im looking at doing mini fatties in brown gravy!

    I currently have one 7qt Crock-pot. And thinking about getting a 2nd 7qt.

    Needing to feed 20-40 peoples, never know how many show up. Even at doing a 2-3inch(?) fatties, Id only be able to fit 20ish fatties in a 7qt.

    Ground turkey/chicken
    Ground pork
    Lean Ground beef


    Feedback is more than welcome here, Ive done my share of stuffed burgers, but never done fatties this way or this many people for a Pot-Luck !

  2. [​IMG] ¬†That sounds like 40ish fatties. What else is on the menu?

  3. Haha!

    But never done em in brown gravy, but going to be on the Pot "on low" for a few hours? And keep em from drying out.

    Probable do tater salad too and mini rolls?

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