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  1. diesel

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    I would like to brew a Mexican style beer.  Negro Modelo, Corona, XX.  One of those types.  Anyone have a good recipe.  I would like an all grain recipe and the batch size is 6 gallons.  I would like an ale but I do have the ability to lager.

    Open to suggestions. 

    Thanks in advance.
  2. diesel

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    I think I have made my mind up.  I am going to do a Kolsch or a blond ale.  That should be a nice light beer.  I am looking for something pretty drinkable for the new "craft beer" drinkers in my circle.

  3. bdawg

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    10 lbs German Pilsner Malt  (or 6 lbs Pilsner Dry Malt Extract)

    1.5 oz Hallertaur @60 mins

    .5 oz Hallertaur @5 mins

    White Labs WLP029 German Ale yeast  (2 L starter)

    1 whirlfloc tab or 1 tsp irish moss at 10 mins left in the boil

    Ferment cool 2 - 3 weeks at 60-62F, then lager for 2 months at 35F

    These beers are simplicity itself.  It is the yeast strain and the lagering that is crucial for producing the proper flavor profile of a good Kolsch.

    HTH & Enjoy!
  4. diesel

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    Thanks BDawg.  I am going to use that recipe.  However, I was here last night..

    and completely changed direction.  I figured that since the holidays are approaching fast that I should go ahead an brew something for the cooler days.  Just picked up the ingredients about an hour ago.  Will probably brew on Sunday morning.

    Lagering for 2 months is a long time to wait.. Maybe when I get a bigger fridge I can do a larger batch.  Start in the spring so it will be ready for summer next year.

    thanks again.

  5. bdawg

    bdawg Smoke Blower

    No worries. 

    Here's a Blonde Ale recipe that is quicker that I think you might like, too:

    Notice that there are a ton of hops but they are all late in the boil, yielding a lot of citrusy/piney hop flavor and aroma.  This is called "hop bursting". Also, it's bittered with a small addition of clean, Noble or Noble-type hops to privide clean, mild bitterness.

    10 lbs American 2 row  (or 6 lbs Pale LME) (10 lbs Maris Otter works great too)

    1 lb Crystal 10

    1 oz Sterling or Mt. Hood or Crystal or Hallertaur @ 60 mins  (use 4 AAUs => 1 oz of 4% AA, or 0.8 oz at 5% AA -  ie, 4.0 divided by AA% gives number of oz to use)

    1 oz Citra @ 15

    1 oz Amarillo @ 10

    1 oz Chinook @ 5

    1 oz Cascade @ flame out

    1 oz Chinook dry

    1 oz Cascade dry

    1 tsp Irish moss @15

    US-05 or Wyeast 1056 or WLP001

    2 weeks primary (65-67F), dry hop for a week, then prime with 3/4 cup corn sugar and bottle


    PS- you will soak up a ton of water with all these hops, esp if they are whole flowers.  make sure you account for this by adding a bit extra (a half to 3/4 gallon) water to compensate
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  6. diesel

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    I have been looking at the blondes and the Kolsch recipes.  I think I might make this my next recipe.  I have buddy who was very interested in brewing, he called and said he just got the book how to brew.  He is coming over tomorrow to help w/ the Oatmeal stout brew.  I will tell him about the blond recipe which I think will also be a good one for his first beer.  Most of my friends don't drink craft brews and the ones that do are not brewing yet.  I am working on fixing that on a daily basis. 

    thanks again for all the help.

  7. diesel

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    Here is a shot of the Imperial Oatmeal Stout.  Long way from a corona haha.  But, I am excited about it.  It hit the OG pretty much spot on.  1.088

    This picture is from about 4 days in the fermentation.  I have a temp regulator on the fridge and it is set at 64degs. 

    Brew day setup..

    I even tried fly sparging.. wasn't hard at all.

    thanks for looking.

  8. jesalba

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    1/2 cup fresh lime juice

    12 ounce bottle beer

    1-2 dash worcestershire sauce

    1/2 dash tobasco sauce

    1/2 lime


    Mix bottle beer and lime juice,pour it in salt rim glass, add lime on top of it and in the end, add tobasco and worcestershire sauce. Your beer is ready

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