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  1. Has anybody made Mettwurst?  If so what kind did you make, I know that there are different varieties for the different regions of Germany, just curious.  I am looking to making some just didn't now what type.
  2. I've made this one from the WD Site

    It was pretty good, if I do say so myself. Served with saltines and smoked cheddar cheese.

    My favorite spreadable is Bierwurst.
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    I am looking for the same thing good recipe or step by step for Mettwurst let me know if you find some ..I did see one just put Mettwurst in search it's a older post started in 09. But there is recipe..
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    WD site ?? Bierwust sound interesting any step by steps ?
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    Here is one that I found in a venison sausage book I have.  Haven't made this one yet, but you can check out the recipe and see if you like it.  You can sub beef liver for venison liver.

    Mettwurst Venison Sausage

    2 pounds venison liver

    3 pounds pork butt cubed

    1 level tbsp. plus 2 level tsp. Morton Tender Quick

    1 tbsp. salt

    3 tsp white pepper

    3 tsp coriander

    one cup reserved meat cooking water

    hog casings

    Boil the venison liver and pork until tender.  Strain through a colander and reserve the water.  Combine all the ingredients, except the reserved cooking water and pulse in a food processor until smooth and pasty.  Stuff into casings and tie off into 8 to 10 inch links.  Place the links in a large pot containing the reserved water and simmer for about 20 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 160 deg.  Cool in ice water and refrigerate for 24 hours before using Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days or package and freeze.  Reinhard
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    She said they smoked the stuff she remembers.. But I'll try this it can't be bad.. Right !  After all it's meaty deliciousness and it doesn't have that many ingredients and is a short process time.. [​IMG]
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    She is my mom who remembers this in a near and dear image in her mind from childhood.. I have found one other under Sausage German Mettwurst post was started by lcruzen 10/6/09.. Which is a lot more steps and ing.. But I'll try that one 2
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      Or You could skip the simmering and just smoke it until it reaches the right internal.  It is just about personal preference.  It has the tenderquick for a nice smoke.  Reinhard
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  10. WD is Wedliny Domowe. This recipe is for Mettwurst - Braunschweiger. 

    I just switched to an Apple Computer and can't bring up some of my old recipes. If I remember right, this is very close.

    If you will PM you email I will add you to my Evernote recipe folder and you can check it out. That is if you are running a PC .LOL

    Mettwurst - Braunschweiger

    German spreadable sausage.
    beef300 g0.66 lb.
    pork butt300 g0.66 lb.
    bacon400 g0.88 lb.

    Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of meat

    salt23 g4 tsp.
    Cure #12.5 g½ tsp.
    dextrose (glucose), 0.2%2.0 g⅓ tsp.
    pepper2.0 g1 tsp.
    paprika2.0 g1 tsp.
    mace0.5 g⅓ tsp.
    juniper extract*1.0 g⅓ tsp.
    T-SPX culture0.12 guse scale


    1. Grind all meats through ⅛” (3 mm) plate. Re-freeze meats and grind again. You may grind once and then emulsify in the food processor without adding water.
    2. Add all ingredients, starter culture included, during this step.
    3. Stuff firmly into 40-60 mm beef middles or fibrous casings. Form 8-10” (20-25 cm) links.
    4. Ferment for 48 hours at 18º C (64º F), 75% humidity.
    5. Apply cold smoke for 12 hours at 18º C (64º F).
    6. Store in a refrigerator


    Cold smoking is drying with smoke and it is not a continuous process. Smoke is applied for about one hour, then the sausage “rests” for one hour. The cycle is repeated again and again.

    * insert 20 g of crushed juniper berries into 120 ml (½ cup) vodka or cognac and leave in a closed jar for 2-3 days. Filter the liquid from berries.

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