Methods on cooking ribs?

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  1. I was wondering what tpically the best method of smoking ribs was? I hear the 3-2-1 method was the most popular but I figured I would check on here. Im thinking I should cook them @225 for 3 hours un covered and then 2 hours covered and then 1 hour with sauce? Im guessing thats what the 3-2-1 method is
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    That's what it is. During the foil stage you will want to add some liquid, you can use apple juice, beer, soda, BBQ sauce, butter or anything that sounds good to you.
    The 3-2-1 times are just a good starting point, you might want to tweak them a little for your liking. The longer in the foil will make them a lot more tender, fall off the bone, if you want a little more tug then cut back on the foil tme and add it to the final stage.
    The good thing about this is you get to eat a lot of ribs until you find the times that fit your tastes just right!

    Would you do us a favor and add your location to your profile, sometimes it help others answer question if they know your neck of the woods, Thanks!
  3. I appreciate it. do I need to sauce for the whole last hour? or just maybe the last 30 min or so
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    The sauce is up to you, I never sauce but some will sauce just once when they take it out of the foil, some will mop a couple times during the last stage. Again it is up to your tastes and likings. I don't think there is any one way or right way everyones tastes are different, the only right way is the safe way, other than that have fun and make it taste the way you want!
    One of the things I like most about smoking is trying different things and different ways to do it. I like to experiment and find what I really like and then try something different.
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    Its too hot in Louisiana right now for 3 2 1 unless possibly you are doing full spare ribs. I just did a baby back with a lot of loin on it. I did a 3/1.5/1 and mine was over cooked and dry.

    Had I used sugar in my rub it might have sealed the meat and helped keep it more juicy. Personally my next smoke on ribs will be a 2 2 1 minimum, maybe a 2 1 1. I cooked at 220 btw.

    Unless its a big rib and these days here most are those small cryo packed, I say cut back your time and make sure you have some type of sugar in your rub to seal the meat.

    Its all about your preferences though, this is just what happened to me today and how I am going to approach my next rack of ribs.

    I hope you have fun and a good smoke.

    If I can help, just jingle my bell.

    EDIT:: don't mean to be a party crasher, just thought since I just did one it might help.
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    Foam, baby backs should be done 2-2-1 (or a variation of that) because they are a lot smaller than spares or St. Louis cut.
  7. 10-4 I appreciate it. Yea it got about 103 up here today.
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    I do 2 hrs on smoke 45 in foil with brown sugar, apple juice, butter and honey, and 30-45 on smoke again with my rib glaze not sauce. Turns out perfect every time. Put on the smoke at 220 and try to keep between 220 and 250. Its 76-90 every day here in Guam so i dont have cold days or to hot of days. 
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    Not to hijack the post but when you foil and add the liquid you do mean to return it to the smoker at the cooking temp, right? Just want to be sure.
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    Yes, continue to cook during the foil stage at the same cooker temps.  There is no need to keep the smoke going during the foil stage, only the heat.
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    Yes---Foil it, juice it, and stick it back in.


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