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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by haeffnkr, Feb 15, 2016.

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    I need a smoker to hot smoke (and maybe cold smoke ) some summer sausage.

    Temps to not get to crazy.... 225 ish or lower.

    I need to make it portable.... like being able to move it out of the backyard after sausage season and haul it on my truck to a storage location.

    I was thinking about making a smoker out of plywood then I was not sure if that was safe with fermaldahyde? or is that a not a concern?

    So I thought about metal and then I thought about the older style metal utility cabinet that are like 6 x 3 x 2 feet,   Like this one on CL

    So besides getting it really hot and burning off some paint, what are the other drawbacks for this idea?

    Any easy ideas to insulate it on the outside?

    thanks Kevin
  2. haeffnkr

    haeffnkr Fire Starter

    Anyone tried anything like this?

    thanks Kevin
  3. That should work. A few things I would think you need to consider

    It probably painted on the inside and you'll want to remove it

    The thickness of the material,is it going to hold up to being moved frequently?

    Thickness of material again, is it going to hold heat?

    Heat source,that's a good size cabinet. Something that size I would go with propane or charcoal+wood.

    Whatever you decide let us know. I like to see all builds.

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