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  1. hey yall - been lurking a while and learning a lot.

    got all my materials together and finally put this beast together.

    dont have any build questions just pics of what i built. enjoy

    started with a metal storage cabinet used in offices and schools i found on the side of the road.

    from there did a little bit of grinding and sanding and starting putting it together..

    the smoker is on my porch at the camp so its elevated above the smoker box which is on the back side on the ground.

    it is connected with 3in air duct flange to expand the size from 3in to 4in.

    then added an adjustable 3in 90 degree to a 3in to 4in into the bottom of the smoker.

    smoker box is a brinkman offset smoker i picked up from a friend.

    - i've also added a propane burner inside "no pics" that i gutted from an

    old turkey fryer i no longer use since i got my orion cooker.

    above i added a 4in collector flange that is used to start a hole out of a return air box.

    added a 4in adjustable 90 and pointed it down so the smoke will hit the floor and spread evenly and rise to the top.

    used an air conditioner vent for an exhaust.

    and she works pretty good - 

    pork picnic roast - 8hours - 

    used picnic roast to make some smoked Tasso / seasoned meat for beans

    and to cook with. - took about 3 hours - similar to jerky.

    and she looks pretty too - 

    well there she is - thanks to this forum and its members for years of inspiration, ideas and all that mushy stuff.

    its been great checking out everyones unit and able to make mine with proper planning.

    This weekend me a few buddies are gonna smoke our first run of sausage in the TUNDRA!

    not our first time to smoke or make sausage just the first time in this new bohemoth.

    heavy smoked cajun and some breakfast sausage links and packs.

    Smoked Q-view of that to come this weekend pending the weather cooperates - but if it dont we will probably drink some beers and smoke it anyway!!
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    Looks great! Nice build, nice smoke!

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