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  1. southoksmoker

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    Well, I was looking around for firewood for my fireplace the other day and Lo and Behold! I came across a guy in Wichita Falls that has a BUNCH of mesquite wood for sale at only $80 a rick (8ft x 4ft x 20in)!

    I can also get my hands on bundles of seasoned, split mesquite for $5 each. the bundles are cut approximately 8-10 inches long.

    I know that many of you are not in areas that are 'overflowing' with mesquite, so here's the deal.

    I would be willing to hook my trailer up and make the run to WF(about an hour out. not that far at all) and bring back the wood, and make shipping arrangements for anyone and everyone that would be interested. I live in the middle of the country, so I could figure shipping fairly easily. The only compensation I would require would be for the fuel down and back.

    If we can get enough people interested in it, everyone could split the cost and save even more money. There wouldn't be a better deal to be found anywhere for good mesquite. I'm not looking to make anything off of this, just trying help out my smoking brothers and sisters out there.

    There's quite a few people here that are within a few hours of me, and we could make arrangements to meet up and drop the loads. I should be able to haul up to 3 ricks on my trailer, so post here or drop me a pm if you are interested!
  2. zjaybird

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    I would be game but I live in denver colorado. Do you know what the cost would be for you to ship to me? Maybe Pineywoods would be able to help in this area as he shipped pecan wood from Florida from time to time.
    I would only need a half a bundle, as I use very little wood anymore since I switched to a gasser and a charcoal uds.

  3. southoksmoker

    southoksmoker Fire Starter

    Heh, you may be in luck! I will have to look into it more, but I may be heading to Colorado Springs in a few weeks. My daughter got married to a soldier stationed there and will be moving there right after she finishes this semester of college. If that is the case, I would be happy to toss some in the back of the Durango and bring it with me. Aside from that, I will check the size and weight of the bundles and see what the shipping would be.

    After she gets settled in there, we will be going to visit from time to time(it's only about an 8 hour drive) and I would be happy to bring as much as you may need.
  4. zjaybird

    zjaybird Meat Mopper

    That sounds great. The springs are about 1 1/2 hours south of me, depending on the drive. When you come to visit you can pick up some good Hatch Chilli's when in season. There is a big festival for them in pueblo around August. Lots of nice things to see in that part of Colorado too, like the only Alligator farm at high can wrestle one if you want.

    Just let me know and I will find a way to meet you.

  5. raceyb

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    The USPS has a one price box for 3 day shipping. You can pack it as full as you can and regardless of weight, it is the same cost.
  6. got14u

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    Don't forget to go see the Royal George...I luved going there as a kid. And might as well go take a drive to 7 falls right in Colorado Springs and the Broadmoor there also. Neat motel. Garden of the Gods also. Just to name a few.
  7. keithace

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    maybe you should see how much wood you can fit into one of those usps flat rate shipping boxes and go from there? i would be interested :)
  8. zjaybird

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    I forgot, you can also go see the Black Canyon, it is deeper than the Grand Canyon. I believe it is in Glenwood Springs. Then if you don't mind Hiking. You have to google and go see the Hanging Lake in Glenwood. It is a rare beauty.

    But don't forget the wood LOL LOL
  9. southoksmoker

    southoksmoker Fire Starter

    I'll check with the USPS and get the dimensions and see how much I can fit in there, and get the cost. I'll have some answers in a day or two[​IMG]
  10. Standard large flat rate shipping boxes are 13" x 13" x 5.5" I believe, $13.65 to ship anywhere CONUS.

    I'd take a box off you if you take paypal. or, if you want a box of Alder wood from Seattle in a straight box 4 box trade that works too.........
  11. southoksmoker

    southoksmoker Fire Starter

    Sorry folks, had a family emergency right before the holiday, then the holiday itself. Everything and everyone are good now, and I will get right back on top of the mesquite situation. Sorry for the delay!

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