Mesquite smoked burgers

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  1. I'm gunna smoke a Chuck roast today with hickory and mesquite. I want sure if Mr our my family liked mesquite, so I thought why not smoke some burgers to see how we like it.

    I set my Weber Kettle up using the snake method (so far I've had excellent smokes using the snake method.). I put three chunks of mesquite wood, spaced out from each other.
    One chill thing about this smoke is I got my Weber dialed in just about right, and she stayed right around 225-250 without any major drops out spikes, granted I only smoked em for about an hour.

    So after an hour, I put cheese on em and let them sit for another 14 minutes.

    Over all my family liked the mesquite smoked burgers, I did as well. I can see that it wouldn't take much to over do the mesquite. I only ended up burning one chunk. Overall it was a success. I think mixing the mesquite with hickory will be pretty good!

    Till next time, Josh, ha-ha.
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    Nice burgers, Josh [​IMG]

    Next time, try some beer can burgers!!

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