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  1. So, people say this smoker doesn't produce smoke at low heat but, I have the opposite. I smoke my jerky at around 130-140 and the amount of smoke is insane even with 1 or 2 small chips. I came from propane smokers and used chunks under a cast iron skillet and had a nice steady smoke the entire time but this is insane. Do you think some foil in the chip tray might help? I ruined a customers half batch last night because the smoke taste is overpowering. I usually used dry chunks as stated above but I let these chips soak for hours before hand. To keep a dead steady temp I set it to 140 and have the door cracked because otherwise the temp gets up to 160. Maybe setting it at 120 and reducing the airflow by tightening the door? The ships aren't flaring up and smoking, they just smoke, ALOT. I also have a tiny cast iron skillet that's made to bake cookies that I may be able to place on the element if need be. Thanks in advance.
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    Most of the MES guys use a pellet smoker for cold & hot smoking. The companies owner is a member here & a real stand up guy. Here's his website.

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  3. I'll have to make due and let my business capital build up a bit. I bought the 2 40's because I was seeking consistency as well as not needing to babysit it since its for paying customers. I'm sure they will work great once I get dialed in to them. But, the only electrics I have used were indoor commercial units when I was a BBQ chef.

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