MES30 install in paver wall?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by justinm001, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. justinm001

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    We're about to pickup a MES30 today, not sure if front or top mount controller.  We're also going to start building our paver patio this spring and are going to build a wall to house a grill, minifridge and hopefully this smoker.  Would we be able to encase this in pavers?  We would be building around this and would be able to make vents to push air behind the wall.  

    Also wondering if it is possible to move the top mount controller? I was thinking on extending the controller wires and putting it on the counter top.  

    We're going to buy one of these today, and see how well we like it before starting to build our wall and patio.  since most grills and mini fridges are standard sizes and this is a special size we need to make sure its good before we make a wall.
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    I've only had my MES-30 for a little over a year. So far, it has worked fine. There are however lots of posts on this forum about folks having problems with their MES. Some problems seem to have appeared when the smoker was fairly new. 

    My only thought would be to make sure that however you have it mounted, it can be removed pretty easily. You may need to repair or replace in the not that distant future. I wouldn't want my install to be too "permanent". Just a thought. 
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  3. bearcarver

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    "Not sure if it's front or top mounted controller"????

    If I were you, I would change that statement to "Won't buy it unless it has a Gen #1 top mounted control box".

    Why take a chance---It's not too late now!

  4. daricksta

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    I don't know much about electronics but I do know that if you remove the controller to mount it off the smoker you'll void the warranty. Although it's only for 90 days there are cases where MB will offer free component or entire smoker replacements outside the warranty period.

    Since the controller temp display is typically inaccurate, what might be a better idea is after the warranty expires to buy an aftermarket Auber PID controller and wire that up and place it anywhere you want. A lot of guys here swear by the Aubers.
  5. bmaddox

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    You will also have to figure out how you plan on loading the chips. If you want to use the stock chip loader you will need at least 18" access on the side or a large hand hole in the surround to reach into. (Or use a AMNPS unit and avoid the chip loader)
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