MES30 Chip Tray "Upgrade" looks exactly like old one

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by heygreene, Feb 4, 2012.

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    Am I missing something here?  I'm a noob... so maybe I just dont' know what the mod is supposed to look like.  I called Masterbuilt and provided my model# and SN# and they stated the kit was on backorder (seems to be the norm), but that I needed it.  About a month later it arrived and today I finally got around to pulling out the old one, and when I got ready to put in the new one, I noticed they looked identical.  My model # is 20070411.  Thanks guys... preparing for my first "big butts" smoke tonight for the Super Bowl tomorrow!

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    Yep...Yours had been modified at the factory...JJ
  4. I did the same thing... Sent an email to customer service, told them my model number and they said they would ship a new one. New one came and it is the same size. I feel bad that they shipped me a replacment that I don't need. Planning on calling them to see if they want me to send it back. I figured they would be able to tell by my model number as to which chip tray I had. 
  5. The first 411's all had the small chip pan .. As it was one of, if not the last 30" model before the new one to be out this spring, they obviously did not release a new model number with the mod, and were prepared for the confusion.

    So that is why anybody with a 411 who calls in will automatically get the upgrade. They have no way of knowing from just the model number what size your chip tray size is .. Must save them space and money in the long run..

    Their computers should reflect at what serial number they made the change, but they must have left that off the table. Their money :). My recent purchase of a 411 had me wondering what would be in the package ... It was the large chip tray ...


    They will not want it back .. Not worth the postage cost ..
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    Thanks everybody.  I just put my old one back in and kept chugging along.  I like having spare parts around, so these may just come in handy one day.  I agree, I'm shocked that Masterbuilt doesn't do a better job at tracking their SN#'s, but hey, I'll take the rest of the smoker too if they'll give it to me... just like ole Johnny Cash sang.. "one piece at a time".  [​IMG]

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