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  1. Are any of the g2 accurate with internal temp or meat thermometer?
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    that's just from an experiment I did to check the temperature against a probe of my own. I have since called them and got a new controller installed on the smoker. Monday I will be running another test with the new controller installed to see if there has been an improvement.

  3. munkiestyle

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    Using a couple maverick et -733s now to remedy the problem

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    With any Electric there is going to be a difference between Set Point, Unit Measured Temp and Actual Temp (MAV) because of overshoot of the setpoint as the coil shuts off, cools and all equalizes. You must have the Mav probe reading very close the the sensor that reads measured temp to be accurate. Up on the racks the MAV will read something different. If you also didn't move the Meat Probe to the same location of the others, It will measure the temp in it's location and be off of the others. I suspect this may be the reason for your result. Get all the probes in the same location and see where you are at....JJ
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    I'm in the process of using my new MEB 40" now.  The meat probe temps are significantly off - 25-30 degrees off!   Luckily I'm also using a meat thermometer I trust...
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    Success!!  The brisket was delicious!!  Moist, tender...!!!!!!  I wrapped it at 168 and kept in until my thermometer read 200.  I then separated the point and the flat, made burnt ends from the point and from the flat did slices and chopped!!  

    I haven't done the cleanup of the MES but it definitely doesn't look enjoyable!!  :)
  7. Good job!
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    Excellent advice.

    You have to realize this is not a temperature indicator on a nuclear reactor, submarine or the space shuttle. But then again they cost is much higher.
  9. P

    Put a drip pan on the shelf under the shelf the brisket is on?? 
  10. Clean up is never fun but you can minimize it by using the drip pan recommended  by  Phillip and foil the bottom drip tray as well as the top of the burner cover and the front of the wood chip box handle. I cover everything and don't have to recover every time. I even line the disposable drip pans. I use weber large 9x13 from amazon by the 10 pack  for 8.00. that is a fair price since I can only find them cheaper during a holiday weekend.   jted

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