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  1. jftx

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    I think my next smoker will be an electric one so I'm doing some research now.  I'm trying to figure out the pros and cons to a Traeger type smoker and an MES type smoker.  Does anyone who has the 40 find that the window is useless after a while.  It seems like the smoke would eventually color it to the point that you can't see through it. Also, If you could share some insight on why one would be better than the other, it would be very helpful.   
  2. bearcarver

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    I clean my window between every use (very easy to clean).

    I could not live without it, because I am a "Peeker"!  [​IMG]

    I started with an MES 30, without a window, and the ONLY things I hated about it were the size & the fact that I had to open the door to look in.

    I don't know anything about a Traeger.

  3. I have a Mes-40 after I seasoned it the window was brown

    after 2 smokes it was not hard to see in it so I took some Liquid---Dishwashing soap & a scrubbie & washed the inside of the front window it took about 5-10--min.

     & it was as clear as is was when I first bought it.

      The best place to buy a Mess--40 is Sams Club the model number is--20070211--paid--$299.86 the only difference between this one & the others $400--$500 or more is

    it has the chrome front door & window & the sides & back are all black instead of all chrome all around

  4. smokinal

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    The window is a huge plus and it's easy to keep clean!
  5. eman

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    A single edge razor blade scraper is great for keeping the buildup off the glass. scrap it and then clean it.
  6. eman--thanks that's a good idea I'll try that

    eman are you member I thought I saw your name on that site yes I'm a member of theqjoint too

  7. jc1947

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    Bear has once again hit the nail square on the head!

    I am well pleased with my MES40!

  8. Either smoker can turn out great product.  Both will Thermostatically maintain temperature.

    From my point of view, the MES is the most versatile Home smoker out there.  The ability to:

    Low temperature smokes of cured product.

    A versatile smoking compartment with four removable racks, easy to put in a dowel and hang sausage or netted hams/foul.

    The new MES has a window and remote control, I can see where either would be very nice, but my older model doesn't have either, and I still love it.

    And the MES does it all for around $300 bucks.

    A Traeger is a great wood smoker, and will give you a smoke ring (where a MES won't), if that's important to you.  Turns out great looking butts and ribs.  Since Traeger uses wood pellets for fuel (heat) as well a smoke, you're gonna use a lot of pellets every time you cook with it.

    Either one is very good.  It has more to do with what you want to accomplish.  I'd like to have both.  But given a either/or choice, I pick the MES.
  9.   I have the MES40 with the window and I love the window. It's not hard to clean. I used to use a razor-

    blade scraper until I read on here that someone was cleaning theirs with alcohol. I tried that and it was

    fast and easy so that's how I clean it now. Windex also works. I's neat to see what is going on in there.

    You can see the smoke swirl around and do it's magic.

  10. chef jimmyj

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    I am going with the MES 40 ( Come-On Santa! ) and the Mr. Clean Magic Sponge works great on Glass...JJ
  11. smokinal

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    Rubbing alcohol is cheap, cleans & sanitizes, without worry of any chemical residue. A couple of paper towels soaked with it & a dry one to polish with. I'm a looker like Bear!
  12. Also have the MES 40. Great piece of equipment.

    Easiest smoking I have ever tried to do.

    As far as cleaning the glass. A razor scraper to get the heavy stuff

    then a rag with Alcohol. Works every time.
  13. jftx

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    This all great information and i really appreciate it.  I am confused about one thing.  Billebouy said that a Traeger would give you a smoke ring but a MES wouldn't.  Being a newbie I don't understand.  I just figured that if you smoke something, its going to have a smoke ring.   
  14. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    You can't seem to get a smoke ring when smoking in an electric smoker, unless you do some other stuff, like charcoal & wood in your chip pan.

    However, a smoke ring is only for show anyway IMO.

  15. Short version, a "smoke ring" is not caused by smoke, but rather gases (NO2 (nitrogen dioxide)) produced by burning wood, charcoal, or even propane being absorbed into the meat and reacting to form nitrous acid, which creates the curing reaction of sodium nitrite, like the cure that keeps ham pink when cooked.

    The MES uses electric to generate heat, and a relatively small amount of wood for smoke, not enough to produce sufficient amounts of NO2 to create a good smoke ring.
  16. seenred

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    Been considering an electric rig of late.  Because of all the great info posted here, I'm gonna have to ask Santa to bring me one of those MES 40"s from Sams.  Reminds me how great this fourm is. 

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