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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by brokenwing, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. brokenwing

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    Hey everyone its been a long time, life has been crazy.  Anyway since i have not smoked anything for a while, i thought i would do some spare ribs.  Threw them in, and went out to my favorite fishing hole to come back to a cold smoker.  I put the ribs in the oven, and drilled out the back of the mes.  Both connectors were burned off.  So i know how to fix that problem  My question is, making sure the  heating element is good.  When i place my meter across the element terminals, I'm not getting any continuity, am i doing something wrong or is my element burned out also.  Any advice would be great, thanks.
  2. rbranstner

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    Is this a new smoker that you just got? You could called MES support. I'm sure some of the other MES guys will be by soon with suggestions. I don't know a thing about them.
  3. eman

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    I never checked continuity when i repaired mine so i dont know ???

     Just changed the wire to 12 guage  high temp and used stainless connectors.
  4. daveomak

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    The resistance is pretty low. Depending on the type of meter you have, it may not register.

    I just did some reading and the ohms resistance of a cold element should be around 9-15 ohms. I could not find the same application we are using. Only a S.W.A.G.[​IMG]
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  5. fife

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    O boy that sux. I would give them a call
  6. otter

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    don't know what scale you were on but my battery is low

    mine read on 3rd scale k omes and it works
  7. michael ark

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    You should get some resistance.Very carefully unhook leads  to element turn unit on look for voltage coming to element should have 120 vac or less if controls still work .Make sure sure to check element a first connection leaving it in case it has fuse or overload in that circuit. [​IMG]  GOOD LUCK  I'll check back if you need more help.
  8. michael ark

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    When i say 120 vac or less   [​IMG]  I mean 115 ,110vac etc.. less than that  the control bad too.Didn't proof read it good.
  9. brokenwing

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    I have had this smoker for almost 2 years.  When i drilled out the back. i found one wire burned off the element and the other barely hanging on.  Once i had the element out of the smoker, i checked it for continuity but nothing.  I called a guy i know at a appliance repair shop, and he said he had some high temp wire he would give me, and while i was there he would check the element.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed, i can just replace the wiring, but i think the element is burned out too.  I love the mes, but 2 years come on. I'm meeting the guy at the appliance shop on Saturday so wish me luck.  I'm going to take the advice given, and go double check the element myself. Thanks for all the info, you guys are great.
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  10. If its a 800 watt unit you should get around 18 ohms, if its the 1200 watt then you should get around 12.  At work we stay within 10% or we consider it bad or in the process of going bad.  Also make sure its completely disconnected from the unit so you don't get any of the controls affecting your reading.
  11. daveomak

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    Will someone make this a WIKI for future reference please.[​IMG]  Old folks like me have CRS disease

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