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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by da maxx, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. da maxx

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    I've used my MES30 about 5 times. Each time, I placed the probe into the meat then routed the cord out the vent. I have always used at least 2 probes. One for the meat and the other for smoker temp. Routing the cords thru the vent takes some time and it's hot. I'm wasting heat. I guess I'm concerned about damaging the door gasket. So under long term use, does closing the door on the cord shorten the gasket life ?

    I just ordered my Maverick ET-732 from A-MAZE-N, wife says it should go well with the other 3 temp units I have. I said "Hell yeah".

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    One thing I do is to feed the probes thru the vent hole from the top before I heat the smoker. You can stick the meat probe on top of the meat and get a surface temp until you are ready to probe.  
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    The lines are long enough that they can dangle before heatup, then I connect the tranmitter and set it on top, or hang it on rail while cooking..
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    Will it hurt the door gasket to close the door on the cord ? Long term?
  5. I don't think it would hurt the door gasket on my MES30 but it's a whole lot easier to run the probes through my vent. I hook up the smoker probe on my Maverick ET-732 before I start the smoker and lay the meat probe on top. When I put the meat in I fish the meat probe through the vent and stick it in to the meat. Door open for the meat and the meat probe in at the same time. Only takes a couple of minutes.

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