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  1. Good afternoon everyone,

    There will be smoke in the city this weekend! I have an MES 30 in and I have my dad's MES 40 in along with a cold smoking kit for each. I would like to use both smokers & cold smoking kits. Of course I will need a place to plug everything in. My question is has anyone used a power strip/surge protector to plug in their smokers? Did you notice a difference in temperatures and/or smoker times? Thanks in advance.
  2. Since both smokers use at least 750 watts, you may find that one circuit can't handle the load.

    The 40" may be a 1200 watt unit. Check the back tag to see.

    A 15 amp circuit is able to handle 1800 watts.

    A 20 amp circuit is good for 2400 watts.

    Two circuits is better than 1.

    A good "rule of thumb" is not to exceed 75% of capacity for the power circuit. Some people call that fire prevention!
  3. You are getting some good advice from nchapelHill, Let me also add to that advice.

    Are you going to be using a porch receptacle if so you need to check it at the panel to see what breaker size is in play. Also it will have other devices plugged into it. They must be accounted for. Your power strip must be rated at 20 amps.

    If you are using a extension cord please size it correctly. I use a AWG 14 extension cord with a banana  plug on it my smoker only pulls 6.6 amps. The cord manufacture rates it for 14 amps.

    Do your cold smoker kits use electricity?  If they do they may be pulling 2or3 hundred watts.

    DON"T over load you circuits. Especially since the time it will be used will normally be long. 

    Unless you have a dedicated 20 amp service you plan may be flawed.  Jted

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