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  1. gunz and carz

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    My new 30" MES with remote arrived yesterday from Sears. They shipped it UPS. I think the UPS dude was mad about something because he was throwing things around in the back of his truck, one of the items being m Masterbuilt Smoker. I asked him to pull up the street a few yards so he could put the box in m garage. He almost peeled out moving the 20 yards to the driveway. Banged the box around a bit more before getting it out and carrying it to the garage. The box had a tear in it and looked beat up when I opened it up. The contents seemed fine after getting everything out. The only concern I have is that the electronics might have been damaged, but I haven't plugged it in yet to check. After assembling it, I noticed the back.

    Mine has a piece of sheet metal covering the back that's attached with rivets. The riveting job isn't the best in the world, and there's one rivet near the top left side that's pulled out and not even holding. I'm wondering if this is typical or if I should call Sears and have them bring a replacement.

    Any suggestions? I don't know that the pulled rivet would be a problem. Let me know what you guys think.

    I hate to season it if it needs to be replaced.

  2. papacurtis

    papacurtis Smoke Blower

    Throw a self tapping machine screw into that rivet spot and get smokin! 😁
  3. dirtsailor2003

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    I would contact Sears and let them know that it arrived damaged. If you do a quick fix, it may invalidate the warranty. Then if something else goes bad down the road you may not be able to have it fixed under warranty. I'd let Sears know too about the shipper.
  4. okieleo

    okieleo Fire Starter

    I am with dirtsailor on this.... call sears and get a new one and let them know about the shipping "issue". Inform them of the drivers attitude and the way it was received and they should get a new one to you (sears is usually good about this).
  5. I would also call UPS and report that guy.

    Happy smoken.

  6. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Yup---I'd at least call Sears, and ask them if they want to send you a new one right away, or should you try it with their Guarantee.

    I'd also call UPS & report the driver.

    Personally, I'd also call "Squirrel", and report the driver.[​IMG]   But that's just me.

  7. oldschoolbbq

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    I think I would be reporting him also ; it's not as if he's not paid enough to oblige your request... if you're going to represent a Public service , you should represent them proudly... Just sayin' :cool:
  8. gunz and carz

    gunz and carz Newbie

    Thanks for all the replies. I decided to go ahead an move it to the deck and run it through it's "break in" procedure. I set the temp for 275. It went up to 282 but then it started coming back down and it's been bobbing between 274 and 275 for the last half hour, so I'm guessing the electronics are doing what they're supposed to do.

    I think I will call Sears and let them know what happened, give them the option to send a new one out. I think that was a good idea someone posted.

    Thanks again. I'm ready to start smoking already.
  9. gunz and carz

    gunz and carz Newbie

    I moved my new MES to the deck today and did the "seasoning" process. When I put the chips in, they started smoking, just like I expected.

    I'm thinking of trying a slab of baby back ribs tomorrow. Here's what I know from reading other posts on here...

    1. Remove membrane

    2. Rub with mustard and rib rub

    3. Set the smoker temp at 225 with the water pan filled with water (and apple juice)

    4. Smoke 2 hours

    5. Wrap in foil with a little apple juice for 1 house

    6. Remove foil and smoke for 1 hour.

    Here's what I don't know.

    1. What internal temp am I aiming for?

    2. Can I put sauce on during the last hour?

    3. Do I keep adding chips every 30 minutes during the whole process?

    4. Do I spritz the ribs during the cooking process with apple juice?

    This is my first time, so any info would be appreciated.
  10. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    My suggestion on true BB ribs. I'd go 2 2 1. I can't see where you live but if its really hot there 2 2 1, if not maybe 3 2 1.

    2 hours smoke at 225, then foil w/ the liquid of your choice, (I lobe JJ's )

    2 hours back in w/o smoke while foiled.

    1 hour out of foil w/ whatever you want. Me, good ribs don't need sauce.

    30 mins rest , then cut and enjoy.

    I only use liquid for long duration smokes of skinned critters. But thats a Personal Prefrence.

    First rub, I usually only go with salt and pepper, maybe garlic and some paricka for color. Some brown sugar will form a help form a seal to hold juices in. Personal Prefrence

    First ribs I wouldn't over smoke, load the tray cook an hour, reload the tray. When you remove foil dump the tray and reload again. Each load 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup. Hickory is good on ribs. Personal Prefrence.

    I figure spritzing and mopping are for wood burning pits. Electric has a higher humidity, and every time you open that door, add 15 mins. to your cooking cycle. Besides you will be unecessarily cycling the electric heater trying to keep up. Patience, as a smart man says around here. Let the smoker work and you take the compliments.

    I wouldn't worry about IT with the 2 2 1 method in summer.

    Smoking is about what you like, not what I like. Mine are my recommendations as to what I enjoy. Just plan your attack and stick with it. Oh and leave the door shut!

    Take notes about what you do so you can critque it later and make recommendations to yourself.

    Good luck, but you will not need it. Patience you might....LOL
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  11. gunz and carz

    gunz and carz Newbie


    Wow - Thank you so much. You make it sound simple.

    Just to clarify one thing.

    I keep the water pan filled the whole time?

    And I don't need to spritz it with apple juice to keep it from drying out?

    One last question: Can I put a tray of vegetables in the smoker at the same time (small potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, whatever else I can think of) and let that smoke the whole time or is that too long? What about baked beans?

    Again, thanks so much for the info. You've been a HUGE help.
  12. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    LOL.... OK, lets see, I don't use water on ribs, especially using the 2 2 1 method. Personal preference. They will get plenty of moisture in the foiling stage. Who said smoked ribs were supposed to be wet? Water doesn't necessarily make juicy. Its about humidity. You have an electric smoker which doesn't have the dry heat of a stick burner.

    Beans, french bread and tater salad. I have read a gazillion complimentary posts about these beans. I have not tried them, I have my Mom's recipe and I have always been partial to it.

    Tater salad, that's the indoor crews job to either make it or buy it. Heck for that much I'd have them make the aluminum pan of beans too for you to put in the smoker. Remember you are master of the pit, besides the first time you might get away with it.

    Don't get carried away. Remember too many cooks spoil the broth and don't get too many spoons in the pot. First burn, simple. Next burn then expand.

    As to veggies, try the search engine. When I eat smoked meat, veggies are not really on my mind although I saw a recipe for smoked whole head of cabbage I am going to try this winter. Veggies are multiple densities so IHMO they cook at different rates. Too much thinking involved for the first smoke. Keep the door closed!

    Good luck man, just relax, its supposed to be fun for you. Patience!

    ::EDIT:: don't forget to let them rest before cutting them to allow the juices to redistribute, I'd say 15 mins anyway. Besides eating them so hot they burn your mouth ain't good eats. They are so much better when you can taste them.
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  13. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Foamheart got you covered pretty good.

    All I will say is putting water in the water pan in an MES does nothing for you.

    Cover the pan in foil to keep anything from baking onto it.

  14. mike johnson

    mike johnson Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    do your self a favor and buy the AMNPS as soon as you can. It is SO much easier than adding chips constantly.
  15. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    As Mike said, there are a few items that every MES smoker will really enjoy. As you can you'll look to aqquire 'em.

    Remote temperature montioring device. Basically a probe (like they used when the aliens took you in their ship) with a digital readout, AND a remote reader. Its handy as pockets on a shirt. It alarms when you reach IT. No one much uses Time temp anymore since each pit and each meat cooks different. The biggest reason is, that by cooking to IT you can't get sick or frustrated while learning how easy it is.

    A stand for that MES30, get it up off the ground so you can see inside, besides at a certain age you get where you don't enjoy bending over as much as before. 2 to 3 ft. is fine. Fet something from the old furnature store, bed side table, coffee table, end tables all work. Heck some stacked cinder blocks or old wooden shipping container work fine too.

    Auxailly smoke generator, around here the A-MAZ-N products work well enough because of the service Todd offers. If I ever start another business, I am hiring him to train the sales staff. He sells the whole shotin match, the generator, lighters, pellets, flex mats, heck he sells the RF temp devices too I believe.

    A good ice chest, you can fight the bride from some blankets. IF you get 'em in a two for one sale, you get one for the hot and cold usage.

    Again Good luck with that smoke

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