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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by earthquake5683, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Okay,  I've read A LOT over the past few days.  Trying to improve my MES. 

    I've read posts about DaveOmak's dimmer mod but I'm not sure if I understand it completely.

    Let's say the MES has a 0deg tolerance (for easy talk).  I set it to 200deg and the element shuts off at 200.  It turns on at 199 and back off at 200.  The whole time it is ON, it receives all 800 watts.  Right?

    With your mod while the smoker is heating up to 200deg you can vary the wattage which can lower the temperature (power) coming from the element. When it reaches 200deg, it turns off.  

    The benefit I see is raising the temps slower.  How does it help you balance out the temp swings? 

    I'm not doubting this is a good mod one bit, just trying to understand it.

    Second topic: mailbox mod

    I got an ammo can from work and cut a 3" hole into it.  Do you use 3" elbows and did it fit right into the hole?  I saw someone removed Is that why you removed the chip tray holder support thing?

    Third thing (figure i would pick your brain all at once).

    Why does your exhaust vent extension work?  Create more draft out?  I'm talking about the soup can looking thing on top. 

    Thanks for your help.  I've been reading mod after mod and post after mod with maybe 100+ pages of comments and just wanted to gets some clarification. 

    Mods I want to do this weekend to improve my MES40:

    Install ammo can to hold AMNPS

    Remove my 8x16 travertine tile and install a ceramic 12x12.

    Install exhaust vent

    dimmer mod

    Sausage rack

    I went to Lowe's (or the blue big box store) and picked up 3"x8' duct (aluminum) and tried to find some elbows but they didn't specify AL.  The part number started with GL and they appeared to be galvanized so I didn't buy them.

    Thanks for the help as I have read TONS of posts and used the search function.


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