MES grate supports........caution to all.....

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    .....especially new MES owners. I throw this caution out to owners of new MES units, for after receiving some new grate supports for my MES, I found at least 25% of the supposed welded points to not be welded at all or if they were, someone cut some corners. It's more crucial when it is the lower horizontal bar which actually supports the weight of the grate and the food on it.

    What raised the alarm was when I was inspecting the original grate supports of my newly acquired MES40 Gen 1 which showed that obviously the PO had problems due to the amount of excessive weld seen. Not a factory weld.

    Please make sure your horizontal grate supports are clearly welded to their vertical supports. You might consider removing the verticle supports to look on the backside to inspect the weld point. Any doubt, tweak them at their contact areas with some pliers to see if they easily break free. If they do, order another set or send me your seasoned ones and I'll weld them puppies up. Nothing real pretty but they will support your food.

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