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  1. Hello everyone! 

    So after playing around with my new MES 30 this summer and reading on these forums, I've done some reading up on cold smoking, and considered adding a mailbox mod onto my MES some day.  Well, after talking with a pal from school, he also wants to add a cold smoke mod to his insulated smoker.  Now we are both planning to modify our smokers in the next couple of weeks, and I'd just like to get some more info for my MES

    I'll be driving by Cabelas in KC, MO this week & looked online to see they are now carrying the AMNPS, which looks pretty much like the ones advertised here.;Search-All+Products#tabsCollection

    However, I've also stumbled upon another product, the MES cold smoke add on.;BRprd1622658;cat104582880

    There are a few reviews, but I'd like to know if anyone here has tried it? Also, it is on sale for $59.99 , which is looking really tempting.  The description says it gets down as low as 100 degrees F, but 1 review says they were able to adjust down to 78.  

    Roughly what is the cost of doing a mailbox mod?   If I do I'll get an AMNPS to do both dust and pellets.  

    It appears ask though I will have to cut a hole into my MES regardless if I use the add on or build my own.  But I'm curious what others opinions are on this Cabelas add on, before I start tearing apart & attempting to build my own.  

    Thanks for the help! 
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    Type masterbuilt cold smoker in the search box above. Many posts from guy's that have them. They are supposed to fit all their digital models so if you must drill I guess you have the analog.
  3. Went to Cabelas today, and after reading reviews on here I think I will be doing the AMNPS mailbox mod.  They did not have them in stock so I'll be ordering from AMZN tonight.  They come with 2 lbs of pellets & free shipping.. I'm pretty excited to get started! 

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