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  1. I have an MES 30.  For things that produce more drippings (sauced ribs, bacon, etc) what is the best way to handle drippings?  I realize that the water tray will catch some, but I'd prefer not have a giant mess in the bottom of the smoker.  I'm concerned that if I put a foil lined pan below the meat that it may block heat distribution.
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    If you're going to use foil pans to catch drips, just make sure you don't block a whole rack.

    Leave a few inches between & around the pans used.

    If you want to catch from a large area (like a full rack of chicken parts), put a pan on each of two racks covering 1/2 of the area with each pan.

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    Bear's got you covered. You'll not find a more helpful or knowlegable person on all things MES. Check out his step by steps-really good stuff in there! Happy smokin', David.
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    Speaking of a Bear having you covered, this is what we have hanging above the fireplace at a cabin we are renting up in the mountains.....

    Yes staggered foil trays on a couple racks

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    The best way to clean up all the drips that miss your "drip pan" is to spread the stuff you put under cars that leak oil. The label says it's safe for animals. You can also use non scented kitty litter.

     After there is oil in the material, vacuum it up. I also use this in my gas BBQ drip pan.
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    No relation---That Bear is better looking!![​IMG]


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