MES Digital VS MES Analog + Auber freestanding unit

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by marctrees, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. After LOTS of reading, it seems to be best to go with the MES analog, and get the Auber loose control, and the Masterbuilt "cold" attachment.

    Seems to be best bang for buck.

    OR -??

    The Smokin it w "Auburn made" controls??

    But really, Smokin-it too expensive for me.

    Especially after reading this thread, the Mastercraft seems to have lower grade controls than Auber.

    Opinions please.

    Lets take this a step further - Any difference in function/ reliabilty of Auber freestanding control, and built in Smokin-it "Auber" control?

      Thank you, Marc
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  2. Marc, I have an MES40 and I really like it. Temp control is good, but not spot on. If set for 220 I get closer to 205 or 210, but it keeps that temp very closely. I never worried about it because I always tracked the temp with a known good digital. Once you get the temp you want it stays there well enough for smoking food.

     The MES digitals have an insulated cabinet. I don't think the analog does. If extreme temp accuracy is that important to you the Auber or similar process controller is the way to go. I just find it unnecessary. If my controller ever quits I would likely go to a process controller but not until.

     If you combine an MES 30 or 40 with an AMNPS or Tube smoker you have an awesome machine.

    You may also want to search some on "mailbox mod".


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