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  1. Anyone used a Johnson Controls A 419 in place of the factory installed temp controller on the MES?
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    Don't those things cost about $80? I'd go with the field tested Guru products. I think I remember seeing somebody running a closeout sale on Gurus for about $75 (both would require you to buy a fan).

    I also remember seeing somebody make their own redneck guru with a thermostat & fan. Seems they had some issues (ran hot).
  3. Yes, they can run that high, but also readily available for $55-65.
    I use this controller in my wine making and it keeps my temp dead nuts on. Also, I can adjust the span. I have a Kamado which is great, but I'm getting tired of baby sitting Boston Butt. I'm thinking if I can somehow solve the controller and temp issues with the MES, I'd have a real slick unit.
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    What's wrong with the factory thermometer on the MES?[​IMG]
  5. I don't presently own a MES. I'm thinking of buying one. My issue/question with the MES temp controller comes from members of this forum who own one and have had problems with the controller failing and the input temp being quite a bit different from the output temp. I'm not dissing the MES. I think it is a great smoker. I'm just trying to get some input if anyone agrees with me that another controller hard wired to the heating element would solve those issues.
    I take it your units temp controller input matches output? If so, that is very encouraging and thanks.
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    Haven't had a problem with temps in 5 months. I know a few had a problem but they were using an under sized extension cord. I plug mine in directly in the wall. If it aint broke why fix it?

    Good luck.
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    This Johnson Temp control will not work for the MES. It's temp range only goes up to 100c or 212F. The MES controller goes to 275F. Also there is a built in short cycle protection, this delays whatever is being switched from coming on for whatever the delay is set at. It is adjustable but doesn't say how short the delay can be set. A delay wouldn't be a good idea for the MES, you want the heat elements to switch on as soon as there is about a 5 to 10 degree temp fall.

    As for temperature problems and the MES, I have had my MES since mid June and have used it about 16+ times, I have only had temp issues once. The problem was to long of an extension cord. On another cook with a big load of meat, it took more than twice as long to get to set temp, but that was because I didn't boil the water 1st for the water pan.
    There have been a few complaints about temperature fluxation. 5-10 deg temperature difference are not a big deal, provided that on average the temperature is +or- 3-5 deg from set temperature.
  8. Great comeback. Thank you. The 212F limit is the deciding factor.
    I'm trying to decide whether to go with the GOSM or the MES. I'm assuming the end result is the same with either one. It seems there are differences in how you get there, though. The MES seems to be more set it and forget it than the GOSM due to its temperature controller. The stainless option is a plus, too. I'd like to hear from anyone who has both the MES and the GOSM as to which they prefer and why.
    Great forum and thanks to those who replied.

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